Thursday, July 5, 2012

12 Months Old

Well my sweet little girl, you are no longer my little chubby baby.  Instead you are my beautiful little girl.  I look at pictures of you from just a few months ago and I can't believe how quickly you've grown.  I feel like this year just flew by without a second thought.  You are everything I hoped and prayed for in a daughter and I am excited about what your future holds.

You give me the best hugs and kisses.  You just wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tight and when you are feeling generous, you give the sweetest little kiss and then just giggle. One thing, just one of the many things, I adore is how you crinkle your nose when you laugh.  Just like me!  Your eyes are still blue and we are keeping our fingers crossed they stay that way.  I have always wanted light eyes so I'm so happy to see that you will have them!

You were a great sleeper but it seems you would rather snuggle with Mommy and Daddy in the mornings than stay in your own bed.  Michael has now decided that it is fun too so here we are, the four (really five) of us in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  I am so sore thanks to your kicking and your brother who thinks he has to be as close as possible.  I told your daddy that we have become those people.  BUT, I would not trade these moments for all the sleep in the world because I know that all too soon, they will be gone.

So what are you up to now that you are one year old? Well, you can walk now and it is the cutest thing ever.  You get so excited and proud when you walk that half the time you fall down.  You now know what bothers your brother and it seems you find a bit of joy in doing what you can to stress him out.  You kind of just laugh when he gets all bent out of shape.  I will be happy when you no longer sit next to him in the car because you like to throw things at him and kick him in the shoulder.  Such a little stinker!

You can't seem to rest without your lamb Rachel.  You just love and snuggle her like nothing else.  Michael had stuffed animals but he didn't hug and kiss them like you do.  Such a sweet girly thing!  So needless to say, we must wash Rachel regulary and make sure she is ready for nap and bedtime. 
So my love, you are growing up too fast but I am having so much fun watching you with your brother.  The two of you just make my heart grow more than I ever thought possible.  So here's to another year, each second more precious than the last.

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