Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

IMG_0388 Well, Halloween 2011 was quite the event.  We usually go to our church Fall Festival but we didn’t have one this year so it was Michael’s first time to officially trick-or-treat.  Michael was so cute as a little fireman and Ava was beautiful as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I think Michael’s favorite part of the day was pulling in our driveway and then having Derin open the door.  Michael screamed “Daddy!!”  He was so happy and we were so glad he was home.IMG_0401 IMG_0382IMG_0787IMG_0387 IMG_0396IMG_0403IMG_0393 IMG_0389IMG_0384IMG_0391IMG_0390We headed to eat with our friends and Michael got to play with his friends Laylin and Linlee (Michael keeps saying how pretty they are:).  After dinner, it was time to hit the streets and go for candy!  Ava was escorted in style in her stroller and Michael wanted to walk in his boots.  I originally thought the fireman outfit was just cute and then I realized how safe it was because it had all the reflective gear on it!IMG_0439

IMG_0417IMG_0419 IMG_0415IMG_0412 Michael wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, he just kept going up to people and saying “please” and holding out his hands for candy.  He then thought that he was supposed to eat the candy at every door.  I was very pleased that he kept saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” when people gave him his treats.  How did I get so lucky?IMG_0779Lulu and Uncle Craig were sweet enough to walk around with us, we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun without them.  Lulu looked beautiful in her orange (my favorite color) sweater and hat!  Ava just watched everyone and would have slept but I think that all the costumes and lights were fascinating.

We headed home, where Ava truly showed her exhaustion, but after baths and bedtime stories we all collapsed and fell fast asleep.  A great Halloween and a fun night that I will never forget.IMG_0432