Friday, September 10, 2010


IMG_0343Well, Michael is 14 months old now.  Yep, time has truly lost its meaning for me now!  So why am I so excited?  Michael is FINALLY TEETHING!  My darling little toddler is just now getting his pearly whites.  Luckily he has just gummed all of his food until now.  No worries here, he eats like a champ.  Just so crazy that he is so old with no teeth!  People constantly guess that he is younger because when he smiles (that precious smile) is is just pink gummy sweetness.  No longer!  The kicker is that he is teething ALL at once.  He has four teeth coming in right now and at times I do believe he is so miserable. The only thing is, he will not chew on anything that was made for teething babies! He just gets mad and I try not to laugh because I know he is just truly frustrated. The only thing he chews on is the lids on his sippy cups.IMG_0355IMG_0353So sad, poor little guy just doesn’t understand why his mouth hurts.  Don’t worry, he isn’t totally crying here, he is actually throwing a fit. He has gotten pretty good at making this face and then waiting for my reaction.  Such a tease ;).IMG_0357The good news is that this will pass and he will be my little snaggletooth.  People tell me that babies that teethe later have healthier teeth, I think someone made that up so they would feel better.  I don’t care, I’m just glad there are teeth in there!  So, soon they will break through and my little man will start leaving little teeth marks on everything. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, what do Quinn Davis Poe and Michael Dean DePalermo have in common?  Let’s count:

firsts 0181. They are adored by everyone they meet,IMG_5243

2. They both have such sweet hearts and like to share,

3. They both have parents that are CRAZY about them,



4. They both have grandparents that are head over heels in love with them,

5. They both have two dogs,

6. They both have blogs,

7. They both have “Poe” in them,

8. They are both spoiled sweet,

9. And they both love cars….

I can’t help but think that they have one more thing in common but what is it? Oh, I remember!IMG_0327

10. They are both big brothers!!!

That’s right!  We are pregnant with baby #2.  Michael is going to be a big brother and Quinn(again) and Nash will be big cousins!  We are so excited and a little shocked.  I took two boxes of pregnancy tests over the course of Labor Day weekend because I just couldn’t believe it.  I took the first box of tests on Saturday morning around 5am.  When they came back with the word “pregnant” on the screen I just couldn’t believe it!  I just don’t think I was prepared for that!  So I went back to bed with my secret and couldn’t sleep.  I just keep thinking about Michael and if we should hold him back and how old he would be when he graduated and how far apart they would be in school.  Then I wondered how on earth I could love another child as much as I love Michael.  Then I wondered what this little love’s personality will be like?  Michael is so funny and truly mischievous.  Will this baby be nice and calm for me?  IMG_0325 Anyway, Michael and I kissed Daddy goodbye and we had breakfast. It was our secret for the whole day. Then we went for a walk, bought and planted mums and then waited for Daddy.  Michael greeted Derin with his “Big Bro” shirt on.  I told Derin to look at Michael’s shirt and he commented that it was cute.  I told him to look again and he said he liked it.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I blurted out We’re Pregnant!  He was a shocked as I was!  I have to say, it is truly a blessing and we praise God for this little miracle.  So here we are, round two, girly thoughts everyone :). IMG_0324

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Days

pool 5 Well, the last days of summer were so sad for me.  I knew I was going to be leaving my sweet little boy soon and returning to my bigger boys and girls. So in an effort to squeeze as much out of our final week together as possible we hit the ground running!IMG_0276IMG_0302IMG_0300 IMG_0289IMG_0299 Drums 2

We went swimming with Lulu and Craig where we discovered Michael’s favorite food is peaches and then my poor baby had to go shopping with me.  No worries, I bought him the cutest clothes!!!  I even picked out his Thanksgiving outfit!  Nana and PawPaw came up and took Michael to the park.  He loves to swing!  This summer made me realize how much we need a swing set in our backyard.  Michael LOVES the swings! He never jumped in his “Johnny jump up” he tried to swing!IMG_0314IMG_5255 IMG_5256IMG_5266IMG_5275IMG_5271While I was back for teacher in-service, Michael came up to help me finish getting  ready for the first day. Of course I mostly just showed him off and he squealed and flirted with everyone.  So while the summer days are officially  over, we sure did enjoy them while they lasted.  Now I spend my weekends kissing Michael and chasing him around.   I can’t wait for Christmas!!! 

Walking, Walking, Everywhere!

IMG_5243 I am SO excited that Michael is walking .  He loves it and smiles with pride every time he takes a step.  Here is the timeline of how things progressed: On Wednesday July 7th, Michael started letting go of things and “falling/walking” to Mommy and Daddy.  We would let go and he would start laughing and taking steps towards us.  He was so excited and you bet that I caught it on film!IMG_5242

On Tuesday July 13th, Michael was standing up holding on to the antique hutch.  He looked at the chair, then back at the hutch, then Mommy and then Daddy.  All of a sudden he let go and walked to the chair!  Of course we both got excited he took his first unaided steps and we both got to witness it!!!  He spent about a week letting go of things and walking to other things and then he discovered a new game.IMG_5245On Monday July 19th, I would let go of Michael and he would walk across the living room to Daddy.  Then he would turn around and walk to me.  Let me tell you, this was the highlight of his day.  He would do this over and over and over again.  Such a big boy!  So we did this every night for a while and now our little man is walking all over the house, little blue cement truck lovey in tow.IMG_0286