Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun

I have to say it has been a busy summer for us.  I think that moving closer to our familes has really changed things.  We are busier than ever!  It has been fun though, but this preggo mamma is tired.  Since I am very pregnant, in Texas, during the summer heat, we have been swimming ALOT.  I can't get enough of the water and baby#3 seems to love it.  Best part is, Michael and Ava seem to love it even more!  Michael took off into the deep water without his puddle jumper on! Can someone say, time for swim lessons?

Last week, my brother and his family came down to visit so of course we had to take some time for a baseball game and the beach.  Michael had been looking forward to the game because Derin has been working with him on catching and throwing the ball.  Plus, for his birthday he got a new baseball bat and had begun batting practice.  He asks pretty much everyday if he can go outside and play baseball.  We couldn't wait to get him to the ball park.  He did a great job watching the game for a while, especially since there is a large train in Minute Maid park.  But after hot dogs and popcorn, it was time to get ice cream and walk around a bit.  Michael loved being with his cousins Quinn and Nash and they all had fun making PaPaw chase after them.  I loved every second of it and can't wait to take them both again. Nana and PaPaw arranged for the screen to read Happy Birthday to Matt and Michael.  It was so amazing to see their names up in lights.  And good news, the Astros won in the shortest baseball game ever.  Ah, memoires.
My parents have the sweetest friends that live in the gorgeous condos right on the beach in Galveston.  There were multiple pools, a lazy river, a swim up bar (that I could not enjoy this time) and walk on access to the beach.  We had two private cabanas and all the water fun we could ask for.  Both of my babies seems to have become water babies.  They love the way the water feels and Ava just won't get out.  Now that she is so mobile, you can't look away for a second because she would walk straight for the water.  I personally enjoyed the lazy river, where I could just rest in a tube and let the water take me.  Felt SO good.  Quinn and Nash are professional swimmers, I kid you not.  Nash jumps in without any fear and I think he drank half the pool poor baby, but nothing was going to stop him from jumping in as much as possible.  Precious.  There is no other word to describe how cute the boys were swimming together.
After a while at the pool and cupcakes to celebrate Matt and Michael's birthday, everyone decided to head to the beach for a bit.  I am not really a beach person, mainly the sand bothers me, but when you have little ones you do whatever you can to make sure they have fun experiences.  So off we went.  Michael walked right into the water and just kept going.  No fear.  He loved it and Ava just rolled and played in the sand.  It was so much fun and just one of many firsts, something to cross off our list. 
We went to the strand for a bit and then home so I could head back and prepare for Michael's 3rd birthday party.  It was an exhausting and amazing few days.  There is just nothing quite like summer, I am in love.

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