Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby #3

Well I don't think that I have blogged about baby #3 yet!  You see, with the first pregnancy you have all this time to do cute things for your new bundle of joy.  With the second pregnancy, the time is a bit more rare but you can find just enough to squeeze things in.  With this poor child, I haven't even taken tummy pictures!  In most pictures my stomach is hidden, showing no proof of baby.  So, here we go neglected one, this is your blog.  Just know that while I am still finishing your sister's baby book, you are loved and I can't wait to meet you.

It isn't a secret that this pregnancy was a shock to us.  I am a planner, a true "type A" personality so baby #3 wasn't in the cards for us, at least not for a while.  I mean seriously, I have a sweet boy AND girl, how could I be greedy? Well, God had other plans because despite our efforts not to concieve, baby #3 is on the way.

This pregnancy was quite different than Michael and Ava.  First, I quit my job, moved and found out I was pregnant all in the same week.  I should have known that this was not going to be simple.  I have been so sick this pregnancy.  If I had morning sickness like this with Michael, I don't know if any other babies would have been on my radar.  I mean it, morning sickness is not fun and with a preschooler and toddler running around it became down right annoying.  However, doctors now have wonderful drugs that make it go away, just as long as you can sleep for 12 hours and then function like a zombie the next day.

Regardless of the shock factor and sickness, we are excited about our new adventure.  There will now be five of us instead of four.  We debated whether or not to find out if it was a boy but when I had to have an ultrasound due to a little accident, there was no denying what I saw on the screen.  Afterall, I had just had two other babies, I was used to those fuzzy pictures.  I went home and told Derin we didn't have to worry about girl names anymore!  Honestly, I knew it was a boy from the start.  I just had this feeling of peace about it, clear as day.  As for his name, that is something worth waiting for.

So, the room is ready, the family is prepping and I am realizing what it is like to be pregnant in the summer in Texas.  I do have to say that despite the craziness of this pregnancy I am on pins and needles to meet my new man.  Michael is excited, Ava is in denial.  I just can't believe how blessed we are that God is giving us yet another gift.  This baby is going to be something special, I can tell.  Something is different, probably because I realize that while I think I mantain some type of control over my life, it's really all God. So, I am going to be a mommy for the third time.  I am excited and nervous and so very lucky, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this little man.

Third Birthday Party

Well Michael, you had quite the Thomas the train themed third birthday party. We had fun getting the house ready for your friends to come and play in the bouncy house and your new playset. I cannot believe I had about 20 kids ages 9 months to 6 years old, running around my house with cake and pizza. It was so loud and yet so fun! I enjoyed watching you play with everyone and you enjoyed all of the attention.

Your cake was so perfect, thank you Nana for finding it on the internet for us. It had an actual Thomas on it!  All you could think of every time you came inside was gettting that Thomas off of the cake and playing with it.  You are such a silly boy that by the time we cut the cake, everyone else was eating it and all you wanted was for me to wash the icing off  so you could play with Thomas.  I had to find you so you could eat some of your own birthday cake!

When your guests left, we took Quinn, Nash, Bitt Bitt and Uncle Matt down to the interpretive center to see the baby alligator.  Poor Ava napped through it but she probably would have terrified the little thing.  At first you and Quinn wanted nothing to do with, but evenutally you both warmed up to the little guy.  Nash didn't seem to mind and just enjoyed looking at the snakes and frogs that were there too.  It was fun, and luckily there were no bad dreams about snakes and alligators!
After everyone left, we opened presents with the grandparents while Ava slept.  Your friends gave you the most thoughtful birthday gifts.  Most of them had to do with trains!  You were so sweet and loved all of your presents.  We all slept very soundly that night and you went to bed so excited that you were "free" and it was your birthday party day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Years Old

Wow, well my love you are now three years old.  You are not a toddler anymore but a "preschooler" and such a handful.  I am amazed how three years could just fly by without a single thought.  It has been such a ride my love.  You can tell what a little boy you are in your bear pics.  I just look at them and see this little man right in front of me. 

We all know you are quite the verbal little boy.  You carry on such conversations that most three year olds don't.  I have realized that this means you take things quite literally and I have to be careful what I say.  Simply telling you that you have upset me or that I am mad at what you did can send you into a tearful fit.  So, basically you don't want to hear that you have upset Mommy or Daddy. 

You have become quite the handful and I think it has to do with frustration.  You want to do all these things by yourself and you get upset if we try to do them for you.  You tell us you are not a baby!  So we are learning to be patient and you are learning to mind Mommy and Daddy. 

You love Ava so much that when she takes a nap, you constantly tell me she is awake so I will go and get her.  You keep tapping her shoulder and saying "tag, you're it" and then you run off.  She seems quite puzzled by this behavior but eventually runs after you.  You are a very good big brother, everytime you get your drink from the refrigerator, you bring one for Ava too.  You are quick to tell me if you think Ava is doing something she shouldn't (which usually involves eating something she shouldn't).  I know you will be an amazing brother to your new brother too.

You are all about the movie Cars and trains.  But not just any trains, Thomas the train.  I have to say, I do not like watching those goofy shows but it makes you happy so I am happy to read while you watch them.  We bought you a train table for your birthday (took me three hours to assemble) and you love it.  It has been two weeks and it is still in tact, despite Ava's efforts to destroy it.  You play with it for hours, in fact since we have it, you are more content inside than before.

You have a good heart my love.  We pray every morning at breakfast when we read our scriptures.  I know it's a bit much for you to comprehend at this point but you try.  I just hope you know that Jesus loves you even more than I do (which seems impossible) and wants to live in your heart so that you can have a full life.  He is your heavenly Father and He created you in His image and you my love are perfectly made.

So, we conducted a little interview at dinner to see what is going on in your mind right now.  You had some interesting answers and what's crazy is you kept mentioning your brother's name!  It's a secret and when Mommy and Daddy talk about him, we didn't realize that you figured out his name.  So, it's basically only a matter of time until you spill the beans.  I just hope your Nana, Papaw and Mamalu can be patient and not ask you his name because you will tell them, and loudly too. (let's just include everyone here, I hope no one asks you) But for now, here are your answers:

Mommy: What were some of your favorite gifts this year?
Michael: Trains!
Mommy: What is your favorite color?
Michael: Green! Just like Emily. (I assume this is from Little Bear?)
Mommy: Who is your sister?
Michael: Ava and my brother is ####### (yep, you said his name)
Mommy: What makes you really happy?
Michael: Daddy, and you, and Ava and my baby brother ######## (yep said it again).  All of my friends make me happy. (these were your exact words, you make us so happy too baby boy.)
Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Michael: I don't want to. (well darling, no one really wants to but we can address this later, you enjoy being three)
For your actual birthday, we opened presents, had a yummy breakfast and just played for a bit.  Nana, Papaw, Gigi and Mamalu bought you this awsome playset and you had fun swinging and sliding.  Plus the train table was too good to tear you away from.  We then had lunch at your favorite place, Chik fil A and then headed to the train park.  It was so fun and overwhelming.  After dinner, we ate the best cupcakes with Thomas blue icing.  You went to sleep with some of your new trains and I realized that my baby boy was not a baby anymore.

Summer Fun

I have to say it has been a busy summer for us.  I think that moving closer to our familes has really changed things.  We are busier than ever!  It has been fun though, but this preggo mamma is tired.  Since I am very pregnant, in Texas, during the summer heat, we have been swimming ALOT.  I can't get enough of the water and baby#3 seems to love it.  Best part is, Michael and Ava seem to love it even more!  Michael took off into the deep water without his puddle jumper on! Can someone say, time for swim lessons?

Last week, my brother and his family came down to visit so of course we had to take some time for a baseball game and the beach.  Michael had been looking forward to the game because Derin has been working with him on catching and throwing the ball.  Plus, for his birthday he got a new baseball bat and had begun batting practice.  He asks pretty much everyday if he can go outside and play baseball.  We couldn't wait to get him to the ball park.  He did a great job watching the game for a while, especially since there is a large train in Minute Maid park.  But after hot dogs and popcorn, it was time to get ice cream and walk around a bit.  Michael loved being with his cousins Quinn and Nash and they all had fun making PaPaw chase after them.  I loved every second of it and can't wait to take them both again. Nana and PaPaw arranged for the screen to read Happy Birthday to Matt and Michael.  It was so amazing to see their names up in lights.  And good news, the Astros won in the shortest baseball game ever.  Ah, memoires.
My parents have the sweetest friends that live in the gorgeous condos right on the beach in Galveston.  There were multiple pools, a lazy river, a swim up bar (that I could not enjoy this time) and walk on access to the beach.  We had two private cabanas and all the water fun we could ask for.  Both of my babies seems to have become water babies.  They love the way the water feels and Ava just won't get out.  Now that she is so mobile, you can't look away for a second because she would walk straight for the water.  I personally enjoyed the lazy river, where I could just rest in a tube and let the water take me.  Felt SO good.  Quinn and Nash are professional swimmers, I kid you not.  Nash jumps in without any fear and I think he drank half the pool poor baby, but nothing was going to stop him from jumping in as much as possible.  Precious.  There is no other word to describe how cute the boys were swimming together.
After a while at the pool and cupcakes to celebrate Matt and Michael's birthday, everyone decided to head to the beach for a bit.  I am not really a beach person, mainly the sand bothers me, but when you have little ones you do whatever you can to make sure they have fun experiences.  So off we went.  Michael walked right into the water and just kept going.  No fear.  He loved it and Ava just rolled and played in the sand.  It was so much fun and just one of many firsts, something to cross off our list. 
We went to the strand for a bit and then home so I could head back and prepare for Michael's 3rd birthday party.  It was an exhausting and amazing few days.  There is just nothing quite like summer, I am in love.

Gone Fishing

Well it wouldn't be summer without a little trip before baby #3 gets here.  We went to a lakehouse with the DePalermo/Cano/Summers family and it was such fun.  We swam, grilled and fished.  Oh, and relaxed.  It seems easier to get up early on vacation than when you're at home because there is no schedule, no things that HAVE to be done.
Derin and Michael had a blast fishing and it was fun to watch Michael's reaction when the fish were reeled in.  I enjoyed sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs and just being.  Does that mean I'm getting old?  Oh well, it was fun regardless.
Lots of smores, chocolate and grilled meat make for a perfect trip.  To top it off, we went to the best catfish place I have ever been on the way home.  I never order catfish but this stuff just melted in your mouth!  It was amazing and the kids slept on the way home. What more could you ask for?

Happy Birthday

Well Ava, your birthday party was so fun because it was girly!  Crystals and pink and turquoise!  A far cry from baseball and firetrucks.  We had so much fun with your little friends and all the family that came to celebrate your first big milestone!  You looked so precious in your Mudpie outfit that sadly, only fit once.  You seem to be growing so fast, I need to overestimate your sizes from now on!  With all the cake, and fun you got tired and had to take a little break from the crowd but you were up and ready for your presents.  Such a fun day, one I will never forget.