Monday, April 19, 2010

Water Baby + Cotton Baby = The Cutest Thing Ever!

Water Baby: My sweet little boy just LOVES the water! Bath 5He loves his bath time and the bigger the splashes the better.  I don’t care, I just love to watch him play in the water.  He splashed so much that there was water on the camera lens. He has toys but lately he just wants to play with his washcloth.  Don’t know why, when he has plenty of other things to play with but…to each his own.  The other day, Michael turned around in his tub and laid down in the water, and then proceeded to put his face in the water!  So adorable how much he loves it!  The bathtub is so big at our house that he still uses his own tub.  However, Derin threw on a swimsuit and got in the big tub with Michael.  He LOVED it.  I thought he might be afraid but he wasn’t, he just splashed and put everything in his mouth.  Sweet little boy, I can’t wait for your first swimming lesson!  Bath 1Bath 2 Bath 3Bath 4Bath 7Bath 8Sleep 4

Cotton Baby:  Look at how sweetly he sleeps.  Is there anything cuter than a baby sleeping?  I finally got a shot of him sleeping with his bum up in the air. This morning, he was giggling so I went to see what he was doing, but he was sleeping.  He must have been enjoying his dream.  I’m so grateful for these moments and I can’t believe how quickly they have past.Sleep 5Sleep 3Sleep 2

Monday, April 12, 2010


What color are your eyes?  Seems like a simple question with a simple answer. People have blue, brown, green, hazel and then there’s Michael.  IMG_4166Grey, blue, and brown.  We went to the ophthalmologist to check on something in Michael’s eye.  No big deal, everything is fine.  I asked her what color Michael’s eyes would end up being.  She said that babies can have one color eyes and then when they turn 18 months they change.  But for now, Michael has a mixture of colors.  She looked in his sweet little, well big, dilated eyes and said he has grey, blue and brown fibers.  Those three colors make up his eye color.  

P1010930Basically, when Michael wears green or brown, his eyes look greenish grey, when he wears blue they look navy blue but when he wears other colors they look grey.  I must say it is pretty how his outfit (do boys have outfits?) brings out different colors in his eyes.  Why does this matter you ask?  Well, when I was pregnant I prayed my little boy would have blue eyes like his Daddy.  I just know that I have brown hair and brown eyes and I hoped Michael would have beautiful bright blue eyes.  I even looked up an online test from the Genetics department at the University of Michigan where you can see the the probability of your babies eye color based on your family tree. It was a 60% chance Michael would have brown eyes and a 40% chance they would be blue or green. Silly, maybe but I did TONS of reading and research when I was preggo.

So, Michael has an eye color all his own and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My beautiful boy.  Now, we will just wait and see how long they stay this way.  What color do you think they are?

Towel Baby

Michael - 4 mos 027

Nine Months Old

P1010907It is official, you are nine months old now. It amazes me that I have now held you in my arms longer than I held you in my tummy. I miss you kicking me, I should have known that was a sign of things to come. While I cannot feel you inside me anymore, it is replaced with the joy I have of holding and kissing you now. Here are all of the wonderful things you are doing now that you are my big 9 month old baby boy:P1010895P1010899P1010904

1. Crawling EVERYWHERE! I cannot believe how fast you are, it truly amazes me. If it weren’t for Lulu and Mamalu I wouldn’t have gotten your bear pictures. The sweetest part is when you crawl over to my feet and try to pull up on my leg. You just fall down and look up at me and start to babble. I know you want me to pick you up and it just melts my heart.

2. You pull up on things and sometimes try to take a step. Occasionally  you get upset because you are excited that you are standing but frustrated that you aren't going anywhere. So cute.

3. You are just beginning to try and feed yourself. You like a banana inside those neat little nets with handles. You just gum it to death. P1010961

4. It appears that you are teething finally. Sadly, it hurts but I was getting worried there were no teeth in there, however I do LOVE your toothless grins!

5. You have stopped being my great sleeper. We have SERIOUSLY got to work on that, Mommy needs more than four sparatic hours a night.

P10109606. You babble endlessly and you look at me while you do so. I know that you are  desperately trying to tell me something, if only I could read your mind.

7. You pose for the camera like a pro. Thank goodness because my camera is horrible and takes FOREVER to take a picture.

8. You are not afraid of the dogs, even when they are barking loudly. In fact, you kept trying to pet Teyha and Paxton even though they outweigh you by 60 pounds!

P10109569. You had your first case of pink eye, in both eyes and you managed to pass it on to Daddy. (thankfully I was spared)

10. You now LOVE to sleep on your tummy with your bottom straight up in the air. One day, I will get a picture of this, I promise!

So my little one, only three more months until you are One Year Old.P1010957 I just can't believe how far we have come from our first days together. I must say, I have learned a lot more than I expected. So thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to love beyond my wildest dreams, thank you for teaching me patience and thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you Michael Dean, and cherish the day that God blessed us with your sweet smile.



Happy Easter

He is not here; He is RISEN!"

Luke 24:6

He is RISEN! Happy Easter everyone. (Yes I know, Easter was last weekend)What a fun weekend we had. First Derin and I were home on the same day! We spent Friday getting ready for company and sleeping! I had no voice so every time Michael would crawl out of the room, I would whisper as loudly as possible, MICHAEL! He would squeal and crawl faster...away from me. He truly enjoys being chased. On Saturday, Mamalu, Cliff and GG came into town. We visited, grilled steaks and just enjoyed each other's company. Michael enjoyed all the attention. It is a bit harder now because he doesn't like to sit in your lap anymore, instead he wants to crawl around, so there is less lap time, but lots of play time now.

P1010911Sunday we went to church and then headed to Lulu and Craig's house for yummy ham and all the fixings. The Easter bunny (Mamalu, Lulu and GG) brought sweet gifts for baby Michael. He LOVED the book that sings "Peter Cottontail" from Lulu and adored the beach ball from Mamalu. So funny to watch him chase that around the room. Uncle Craig showed Michael his drum set and gave him a quick tutorial. I can't wait until he is old enough to try and play. I truly hope that music is big part in Michael's life. He really does seem to enjoy it now, it is amazing how music can calm and enchant him.

P1010914P1010916P1010919Sadly, everyone had to leave so Michael and I took a nap on Lulu's couch. When we woke up we watched old family videos. It was sweet to see Derin and Diane when they were little, unwrapping Christmas presents and hugging their parents. I understand those moments more now than ever, I cannot wait to see Michael open gifts, squeal and then run up to hug us. I want to give him the world.

God gave us the world. Christ was sacrificed  but he rose again so that we could have eternal life. I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend and that you remember Christ came so that we could have life, and live that life to the fullest.