Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Third Birthday Party

Well Michael, you had quite the Thomas the train themed third birthday party. We had fun getting the house ready for your friends to come and play in the bouncy house and your new playset. I cannot believe I had about 20 kids ages 9 months to 6 years old, running around my house with cake and pizza. It was so loud and yet so fun! I enjoyed watching you play with everyone and you enjoyed all of the attention.

Your cake was so perfect, thank you Nana for finding it on the internet for us. It had an actual Thomas on it!  All you could think of every time you came inside was gettting that Thomas off of the cake and playing with it.  You are such a silly boy that by the time we cut the cake, everyone else was eating it and all you wanted was for me to wash the icing off  so you could play with Thomas.  I had to find you so you could eat some of your own birthday cake!

When your guests left, we took Quinn, Nash, Bitt Bitt and Uncle Matt down to the interpretive center to see the baby alligator.  Poor Ava napped through it but she probably would have terrified the little thing.  At first you and Quinn wanted nothing to do with, but evenutally you both warmed up to the little guy.  Nash didn't seem to mind and just enjoyed looking at the snakes and frogs that were there too.  It was fun, and luckily there were no bad dreams about snakes and alligators!
After everyone left, we opened presents with the grandparents while Ava slept.  Your friends gave you the most thoughtful birthday gifts.  Most of them had to do with trains!  You were so sweet and loved all of your presents.  We all slept very soundly that night and you went to bed so excited that you were "free" and it was your birthday party day!

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