Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - It's A GIRL!

We are so excited to announce that Derin and I are expecting our little girl by the end of April! Honestly we were in shock when the doctor told us our new baby was a girl. Michael was just pointing at the screen saying "baby". I am so glad that we will have a daughter and cannot wait to see what kind of big brother Michael will be to a little girl.

While we knew our baby was a girl on the 23rd, we waited until today, Christmas to tell everyone. Derin raised his glass for a toast and announced that our ultrasound was fabulous and our baby was healthy. Everyone was silent hoping for more so Derin said that my dad would read about the birth of Jesus from the gospel of Luke. After my dad finished his reading, he said but if they had a second child it would have been....and I shouted GIRL! Everyone screamed, I cried again and my dad brought in this pink balloon. We are so thrilled that God has blessed us with our son Michael and cannot wait to meet our little girl, whenever she arrives. Now the hard part...what will we name her?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

     Well, last year at this time Michael was diagnosed with RSV and was hospitalized.  As difficult as that was we also closed on our old and new house and tried to move during the same weekend.  So, needless to say we did not get any Christmas up until December 23rd.  Well, not this year.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, Nana and PawPaw were here and we just got to setting up the house!  We were so tired at the end of the day but it was totally worth it.  We got the tree up with the lights on but left the rest of the tree trimming for when Derin got home.  It was hilarious because my dad mowed and edged the yard and then decided to get on our roof and blow off all the leaves!  The silliest part is how my sweet little Michael slept through the entire experience.  Why can’t he do that at night?


     We ate dinner, grandparents hit the road (with protests from Michael) and the three of us finished the tree. Later we put the lights outside and Michael kept climbing up the ladder. He is such a daredevil and has now started doing flips off the couch.  NOT OKAY with Mommy and Daddy. So he was angry when Mommy kept pulling him down to the second step on the ladder.


     I love waking up and turning on all the lights!  Michael hasn’t messed with the tree (yet) but he does like to play with all of the packages under the tree.  So, his presents will not go out until Christmas Eve.  But either way, I cannot wait to see what my little man does once Santa has come to our home!






Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Michael’s Dedication

     Well, we finally had Michael dedicated at church on December 5th.  Now he is already 17 months old but better late than never!  It just seems that I do things a little later than other people these days.  I think I need a vacation.  Anyway, it was truly a precious moment and I was holding back tears when pastor Butch read to the three of us. Michael was smiling and talking and just “hamming” it up in front of the church.  We were up on the big screen and Michael was not shy in front of the crowd.  I wonder where he gets that?  Anyway, it was so sweet because the sermon was out of Luke and the birth of baby Jesus.  He spoke of how we dedicate our children to God knowing that all belong to him and we are simply their “step” parents here on earth.  Michael received a Bible and a sweet hand-sewn blanket that he loves to pull around the house.IMG_5857 IMG_5860IMG_5827IMG_5828IMG_5826     After church we all went to eat Chinese food, thank you pregnancy cravings but Michael was ready for bed.  It was a perfect Sunday with all our family there to watch our sweet son and his dedication. IMG_5832IMG_5842IMG_5854

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas List 2010

     I cannot believe it is that time of year already!  I am so glad that it is Christmas time and that we are not in the same place as last year.  This time last year, Michael had RSV and was in the hospital, at the same time, Derin and the DePalermo family were moving us into our new home.  It was a crazy time and I am so glad to be settled, the tree is up and its time for Michael’s list!

These are some cute clothes and jammies that Michael needs in his closet and yes, it’s all Old Navy. 

Jammies 1 hat JacketSweaterLove, Love, Love these little Puma shoes. Michael is running now and needs the gear to go with it!  He is now in a size 5 in Pumas, they seem to run small?! Shoes 1 Shoes 2Here are some of the sweet toys that my little man needs to learn, play and explore! The best part is, you can get them all at Target (It’s what Academy is to men!)

Book ABC Alphablock Sorter  

This Busy Zoo Michael MUST have, I just know it will keep him busy and entertained for more than his usual 5 minutes!

Busy Zoo

I saw these blocks and thought it would be fun for Michael to play with and build a castle or whatever his imagination can create!

Fun Cubed

Nesting blocks!  Definitely a must because my nesting mixing bowls need a break!

Potsy Nesting Blocks Nesting Blocks 2

Lastly, a trunk to put Michael’s many toys in, yep, they have taken over my house but honestly, I don’t care!  Again, this is at Target, is there anything you can’t buy there?


So that is the list for my little man this Christmas.  I can’t wait until Michael can write his own list and leave it on the fireplace for Santa!  BUT, right now he can stay my baby, at least a while longer :).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Give Thanks

Wow, I know this is very late but at least I am finally getting around to it! Honestly, I don't know how I will ever blog when I have two little ones to run after. I am basically treading water between being pregnant, being a Mommy, being a teacher and Derin's work schedule. Oh well, I'm online now.
Sadly, while I brought my camera to Thanksgiving, I did not take any pictures. But nonetheless, there is so much I have to be thankful for! We spent Thanksgiving at Lulu's house (Derin's sister) with Mamalu, Gigi and Uncle Craig. It was nice and quiet and Michael completely enjoyed being the center of attention. He snacked all day and then of course refused to eat the turkey. What happened to my baby that ate everything? Instead he opted for his usual grilled cheese sandwich. He did, however LOVE the cranberry sauce! Such a sweet tooth! Derin had to work but got there just in time for dinner and it was YUMMY! Funny thing is that I couldn't even finish what was on my plate! So much for being hungry and pregnant. We all said what we were thankful for and then it was time to get Michael home to bed. He was SO tired, apparently its tough being a 17 month old.
So here is what I am so completely thankful for:
1. My salvation
2. My husband
3. My incredible son
4. The chance to be a mommy x2
5. That we have jobs
6. My family and how much they adore my son
7. The fact that I was born and raised in the U.S.
8. Our health
9. Skittles (I am loving these right now!)
10. Technology so I can see if I am having a boy or girl! (just two more weeks)