Saturday, December 12, 2009

Five Months Old

Okay sweetie, you are actually almost six months old but you need this five Baby Michael - 5 mos 011month post anyway. What a big month for you, there are so many things that you can now do! Hum, I've been reading too many of your books. So here is a list of all the wonderful things that happened during your fifth month.

1. You now like to suck on your toes
2. You squeal with absolute delight when I strip you down to get you ready for your bath
3. You have totally discovered Kaya (our cat) and laugh when she jumps up on the bed next to you
4. You love to play peek-a-boo with Mommy and Daddy. The best part of this game is how cute you look when you are stretching over to try and find us :) P1010950Baby Michael - 5 mos 012P10109515. You now have tried three different kinds of veggies and three different kinds of rice cereal. You like sweet potatoes but still won't eat carrots or squash. As for the cereal, it depends on your mood, sometimes plain, with banana or mixed fruit. P1010959 6. You now like to stick your tongue out and bite it (actually gum it). At first I wasn't sure what you were doing but now it is just adorable. It is almost like you are thinking about something and just concentrating on it so intensely!
7. You like to smack really loudly. It is just the funniest thing for the house to be all quiet and then out of no where you start smacking!
8. You love to grab Mommy and Daddy's face and pull it into yours for a big wet kiss. At least we think you are trying to kiss us. Either way, you constantly want our face to be close to yours. Such a snuggler!
9. You now give us hugs. You wrap your arms around our necks and snuggle your face in our shoulder. So sweet, you just melt my heart!
10. You are not quite a morning person. When I get you up to get you dressed, you rub your eyes and bury your face in my neck. You do not want to get up, unless its for food!
11. Your laugh has changed from the little giggle to a loud chuckle. You are so super ticklish that when we "razz" on your belly you laugh so loudly!
12. Finally, you can hold your own bottle and when your binkie falls out of your mouth (and you know where it is) you put it back in all by yourself. Baby Michael - 5 mos 006
It has been a busy month for you my love. You spiked your first fever so we took you to the doctor to find out you had a cold. Okay, we can handle that. Well, it wouldn't go away so a few days later you had a much higher fever so it was off to the doctor once more! Now we found out both of your ears were infected. I was so sad to hear that you had been in pain. I never would have known it because you didn't cry or pull at your ears. So we thanked the doctor and got you your antibiotic. It just so happens that was the day we left for San Angelo for Thanksgiving with the Poe family. The doctor said it was okay to travel so off we went. It was the first time you stayed in a hotel room. It was nice and we actually put you in bed with us for some extra cuddling. Thanksgiving was great but way too fast. You were mesmerized by Mimi's incredibly large television. You quite enjoyed watching the UT game that night. So after we got home we had a normal week but then you had yet another fever. Off to the doctor to discover your ear infection was still there. New antibiotic this time. Nana and PawPaw had to come and take care of you until you were cleared for daycare. So here we are, at the end of your fifth month. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow this month. You are almost at the 14 lb mark my tiny boy! Off we go, time for Christmas, I can't wait to see what your sixth month will bring!

Baby Michael - 5 mos 018P1010930


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Be Thankful

Well, we have so much to be thankful for! I find myself more in the spirit of gratefulness now more than ever. The miracle of my son is still an amazement to me. We went to San Angelo for Thanksgiving this year. Sadly, Michael had two major ear infections so we went to the doctor the morning we left for our trip. I had no idea my little man was so sick becuase he never cried about it or tugged on his ears. The doctor was so sweet and gave us the okay for travel. So we loaded up, gave Michael his first dose of antibiotics and hit the road. He does love the bubble gum taste of his medicine. When I give him the dropper he grabs my hand and pulls the medicine to his mouth. So cute! That weekend I began to look around me and see all the things that I am truly thankful for:
1. I'm thankful for salvation through Jesus Christ
2. I'm thankful for my husband Derin and son Michael
3. I'm thankful for my family
4. I'm thankful for ALL the food!!
5. I'm thankful that we are all healthy and were able to be together this year
6. Thankful that morning sickness is gone (unlike this time last year! :)
7. I'm thankful that Michael found such joy in an empty Sonic cup when we were in the car. He grabbed it and was so excited to play with it he was shaking!! If I took it away, he was not a happy man!
8. I'm thankful to be a mother. I now understand how much my parents love us. It is just bubbling over! I know I appreciated my parents but it is so much deeper than that now.
9. I'm thankful for God's provision and plans, even though I can't always see them
10. I'm thankful that no matter what happens, we will always be covered by God's grace and protection, even if we feel we are all alone.
There is so much more, but the blog would just go on and on. So here are the pictures of our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas List 2009

So it is time for Michael's first Christmas list! I know he probably won't remember this Christmas but I will never forget this feeling. I am so much more excited about it this year. Not only will I get time off with my beautiful son, but I just want to give him so many things! He has such a personality now and I just want to give him the world! Anyway, maybe next year Michael can make his own list for Santa. Right now I know he will just be happy with the lights on the tree. Regardless, family has been asking so here is a visual list of what baby Michael wants (and actually needs) for Christmas!

Warmer clothes and shoes for 6 months and 6-9 months. These are all too cute, they are from Old Navy. Our favorite place to shop for him is Old Navy and Gap. Too cute, he looks like a little man now with pants and everything. No more little white onesies and socks! He also needs warm sleepers that have little footies.

I LOVE these PraiseBaby CDs and DVDs. Michael LOVES music and will just stare at me while I sing to him. It is actually the only thing that will get him to sit still. :) These are just so sweet.

Of course we have some Baby Einstein toys on the list. I have other things for him, but seriously EVERYTHING that is from Baby Einstein he loves! Remember that any toys you get him can't be smaller than a toilet paper roll!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Bear

Well thanks to Paw Paw and his WAY better camera, we have some awesome four month bear pictures. I am amazed at how big he is even though he seems small compared to other babies. He is now rolling over from belly to back and just laughs and laughs. He has such a sweet temperament. My favorite part of the day is when I wake him up in the morning and he just smiles. This weekend his tummy was a bit upset so around 3 am I put him in bed with us. He just sleeps in his little wedge in the center of our huge bed. As I began to open my eyes, I noticed that he was just staring at me. When I focused and our eyes met, he just smiled and reached for my face. What a way to wake up! I wonder how long he had been staring at me? Oh my sweet little angel. I wish I was home with him right now!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween Sweet Baby!

Well Michael you made it through your first Halloween and I have to say you were the cutest Yoda on the planet. We went to McKinney to see Bitt Bitt, Uncle Matt and Quinn. On Friday morning the first thing Quinn said to you was, "I want that one for Christmas". He wanted you to be his baby brother. All weekend long he kept bringing you toys and giving you kisses without prompting. He wanted me to put you down so you could play with him. So sweet. When he saw you in your costume he kept calling you "Little Yoda". I know you won't remember but we all thought it was too precious. You two are it right now, sweet cousins. It reminds me of the song "Just the two of us". Quinn is a great big cousin! You had fun with your Bitt Bitt and she even made you laugh a bit. Uncle Matt is the best at making silly faces and noises for you. Quinn was such a big boy in his Brady Quinn costume. I can't believe Gary found shoulder pads to fit a 2 1/2 year old! If only we could have stayed longer!

So you slept through the Halloween Festival at church but you were awake for part of the UT game. I just can't believe how much you have changed in just one week. Now you make this cute girggly noise and you laugh so hard even when no one is tickling you. You reach for things and can actually grab them now. Of course the first thing you do is put whatever you have just grabbed right in your mouth. You love your binkie now (thank goodness) and you usually sleep through the night. You don't like plain rice cereal but you are beginning to tolerate the mixed fruit rice cereal. You have officially discovered your feet and love to lay down, grab both feet and roll from side to side. You can pick up your head and rest on your arms when you are on your tummy and you have discovered Kaya although I don't think you know what she is yet. You are a super ticklish baby especially on your neck. Best of all you are my sweetest little boy with the most adorable facial expressions. I can only imagine what you are thinking. I love you so much little man and I can only imagine what the next month will bring.