Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twelve Months Old

01480136Wow, I cannot believe that I am already writing this post.  I have to warn you, it will be a mushy, sappy post but I have earned that right!  So Michael, you are now one year old.  What a whirlwind this past ye ar has been.  I am in awe of how much I love you, and what’s more is that I love you more today than the day I first held you in my arms.  You have brought me joy and wonder and have taught me how to be patient ;).  My life is no longer super easy and I can’t just pack up and go somewhere without packing your food, diaper bag and toys. I am constantly singing the silly songs that I hear you play over and over from your toys. I now know that I can function on just two hours of sleep and more importantly that the world will continue to turn if I don’t get the towels folded. All of this and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have it any other way.00950046

We have had a busy year and I tell you, I had heard time flies, but know I really know that to be true.  Tubes, RSV hospital stay, my broken rib, moving and police academy.  I cannot believe we made it through these past twelve months.  The best part is your little attitude has still been so sweet.  You are such a happy baby.  You definitely look a lot like your daddy, but I can see me in your smile.  I can also see me in your temper.  Boy, if I tell you “no”, you let me know you aren’t happy about that.  So my love, here is a list of things you do now that you are one year old:

1. You love hummus.  Weird, I know, but you love the stuff!

2. You snuggle like crazy!  I LOVE this about you.

3. You DO NOT SIT STILL.  I know that when you start walking, I will never sit down.

008501094. You like anything electronic. My computer, cell phone, television, and the remotes.  You don’t like the fake toys that look like phones, you want the real thing.

5. You were sleeping through the night, until this week.  Now you wake up and won’t go back to sleep.  You try but it doesn’t work.  Maybe you are going through a growth spurt. 0016 0037

6. You babble endlessly.  You look like you are trying to say a complete sentences but we have no idea what you are saying.  So adorable.

7. You love to clap your hands when mommy sings to you.0124IMG_0124IMG_0129IMG_0130

8. You have no teeth.  Your doctor assures me this is normal, that some babies are late teethers.  I don’t know, but you still gum your food like a champ.

9. You love to push toys, coasters or paper around.  Basically anything you can push that will make you crawl faster.

10. You love Taco Bueno, just like mommy and daddy.  IMG_0115 IMG_0101 IMG_0031

So my love, you are not an infant anymore, but quickly becoming a toddler.  I am so glad that you are my little boy and that God brought you into our lives.  So little boy, I won’t be making another post like this until you are two and then I will have an exclusive interview with you.  I can’t wait, but then again, let’s just slow down okay?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Party

  Birthday PictureHouseHighchairMichael 2Presents 2 Presents 3 Poe

Well, I have been thinking about Michael’s party for sometime.  I just can’t believe it has already come and gone.  My little man is now officially one year old.  How did this happen?  More on that when I post his 12 month pictures.  For now, just fun party pics.  We had a baseball theme because we love baseball and Michael might be a lefty…pitcher anyone?  It was fun ordering his cake, buying all things baseball and getting the invitations ready.  I went overboard and had to take things back because I kept forgetting this party was really more for adults than babies.  So, just watch out when Michael is two and three and there  are kiddos running around, we will have a fun party!!!  PawPaw 1Nana 3Mamalu 1 BrantDePalermo ladiesNana and PawPaw came in early to help shop and set up for the big day.  The menu was total ball park food; hot dogs, nachos, chips, pretzels and peanuts.  All the salty and unhealthy stuff we love to eat.  Michael was just thrilled to have so many people smiling and playing with him.  He certainly doesn’t mind being the center of attention.  Everyone gave such sweet presents, lots of fun toys and cute clothes.  Cake 4Cake 2Grilling 2First Cake 3First Cake 12After everyone left and all was clean, I realized that my baby is now a toddler.  I cried a bit and loved on him which is getting harder to do now that he is more mobile.  It was a great day, lots of sun, friends and good food.  So Happy First Birthday my love, and here’s to many more.Brad GG3MommyDerin FamLulu 1DanielleGifts 7Sam and Tom 1Tommy and JoAnnKim

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eleven Months Old

IMG_4871 Well my darling, after this post you will become a toddler.  You are now eleven months old.  I don’t know what happened, but it seems like all I did was blink and you morphed from a baby to my little man.  So once again, here is a list of all the things you can now do as an eleven month old:

IMG_4869IMG_4860IMG_48701. Swim!!  You LOVE the water.  We took you to Nana and PawPaw’s pool and you had so much fun!  No baby water for you, as we swam along you would kick your legs in the water and splash.  Honestly you looked like a dolphin because you kicked both legs at the same time, but you were awesome! It was a fun day and we were so lucky that Uncle Ron could come and visit!!

IMG_4810IMG_4825IMG_4815IMG_4809 IMG_4799

2. Stand by yourself for just a second.  And only a second, you have the bruises to prove it.  You are such a daredevil, it seems that every time I turn around you have let go, tried to walk and bumped your head or leg or something.  No worries, I just grab your Nemo boo boo buddy and give you a few kisses.  You’ll get it soon baby, don’t worry.

3. You are not my sweet little sleeper.  I just can’t get you to sleep through the night.  In the middle of the night the second your diaper is wet, you wake me up so I can change you.  Luckily it is only once a night.  At least twice a week you let me sleep though, we have got to fix this over the summer!IMG_4851 IMG_4846

4. You know the word “no” and you love to test us!  When you stand up and try to touch the DVD player, you know you aren’t supposed to so you look at us and smile and wait for “no”.  Then you frown at us and grunt and then usually crawl down and find something else.  You do not like to hear the word “no”!  But you have to learn boundaries little buddy.  At least we give you something else to play with!

5. You love big dogs!  Takoda, Starr, Tehya and Paxton.  I tried to introduce you to a little Yorkie and you wanted nothing to do with it, but the second Takoda and Starr run up to sniff your face you are all smiles and you reach for them.  What a brave and big boy!! IMG_4774IMG_4783

6. You love it when Mommy reads to you.  You grin as I put you in my lap, and then talk as I read to you.  You point at the pictures and smile.  I love those moments!

7. You laugh and make noises in your sleep.  Not sure what you are dreaming about, but it must be fun!

8. You are a clingy little boy in the mornings and at night.  Apparently, you only want your Mommy.  Luckily once you fully wake up, you are ready to go!

9. You can now crawl up onto the coffee table and couch.  Wow, when you are walking I will NEVER sit down!

10. You love cheesecake.  Probably shouldn’t have given you any, but it was only a couple of bites and you LOVED it!

So little man, in a matter of days you will be one year old.  This has been the most memorable and rewarding year of my life. Thank you sweet pea and get ready because your party is going to be so much fun!!!!