Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Officer and A Gentleman

5518250088_e221f6e14e_z Finally after one year of training and a state exam, Derin is a police officer.  We are all so proud of him and know the sacrifices we as a family made while he was gone were totally worth it.  Last April Derin graduated from police academy and then he had some additional training on top of that.  Texas Parks and Wildlife has a seven week training where the cadets live on site and train all hours of the day and night.  Upon completion, these men and women become commissioned police officers for the state of Texas.  5517658039_a573d4e0c55517657861_2d65719289_z5517658209_6907cc2870_z5517658579_fde1f3903e_z5517658647_048af949d5_z5518249248_67429da93c_zI have to say that while I haven’t disrespected the profession, I haven’t thought much about all the things officers go through and their training. All the certifications, gun training and regulations, I don’t know how they can keep it all straight. It takes a person of courage to see the bad side of people and when everyone else is running away from the situation, they run right in.  Luckily, Derin is levelheaded and of strong mind, I know that he will be an amazing officer. 5518249560_0e08d53506_z5518250148_37df4251f6_z5518250182_13196049eb_z5518250260_55611b6378_zI had the privilege of pinning his badge on his shirt at the ceremony, and I have to say I was a bit nervous.  The ceremony was perfect, Michael was actually quiet and Derin is now home to stay.  Thank goodness, the whole single parent and eight months pregnant thing was getting pretty old!

5518251102_797745c34c_z 5517659663_de455fef34_z 5517659705_7c827f8676_z IMG_0081IMG_0080IMG_0084IMG_0085


IMG_6513Okay, so Michael’s new obsession is buses for some reason.  He LOVES buses so, so much and looks for them everywhere we go.  It seems to be his one goal in life to find a bus and scream bus at the top of his lungs!  He says yellow in the cutest little voice and then if the bus happens to turn or we pass it, he cries until we find another one.  IMG_6512IMG_6516IMG_6515IMG_6517IMG_6514

His most exciting moment yet was when Derin and I took him to the park and a bus full of softball players pulled up.  He went running off towards the bus, while Derin was chasing him.  The bus driver was sweet enough to let us on for a second but Michael really just wanted to run around the bus and scream BUS as loud as he could.  Luckily everyone around just thought it was precious.

We bought him the cutest bus and then Nana and PawPaw found him another one that he can take with him in the car, you can tell my dad picked it out because it is a bus with off road capabilities.  Look at those tires!  When PawPaw gave it to him, he had to go to sleep with it, so very cute. They also found him the “Wheels on the Bus” book that we can sing the song to as we follow the bus through town.  I love that Michael loves buses and can’t wait for his next little obsession.

Snow Day

Well, believe it or not, we had a snow day on February 4th.  It was very cold and icy and since most people around here aren’t used to that, they cancelled school.  Michael and I were already up but it was fun playing with my little man in the snow.  He wasn’t quite sure what it was and I don’t think he cared very much but I got some cute pictures and videos out of it.  It was a fun day of cuddling, reading and playing at home.  A much needed break from the rest of the world!

IMG_0025 IMG_0017

IMG_0038 IMG_0027

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Nursery

BeddingI am so excited about decorating for a little girl!  I am not super girly and my taste may be a bit adult but I LOVE her nursery scheme.  In fact when I first found out I was pregnant I went searching for girl room ideas.  Of course I didn’t know I was having a girl but I was hoping!  This is the first bedding that I found and fell in love with.  After months of looking at other things Derin and I agree this is perfect for our little girl.  I can’t wait to have it and get to work in her room.  The fun part is I get to do two rooms.  Now Michael needs a big boy room so here we go, the next three weeks will be full!

Baby Girl


So obviously we are expecting a baby girl.  Here are her sonogram pictures from December.  I am hoping that this week, March 17th to be exact, we will get to see her again and have more to share.  I have to say that we are so excited and the more pregnant I become the more I fall in love with my daughter.  We have no idea what we will name her yet but hopefully that too will be decided this week! So here is our latest bundle of joy, we can’t wait to meet her but I hope she waits until I finish her nursery!


Christmas 2010

Yes I am finally writing about our Christmas that of course happened in December and here it is March.  Sadly, Spring Break seems to be the only time I have time to load pictures and post things.  So here it all is, three months of our lives and Michael has changed SO much.IMG_6041IMG_6044 IMG_6054 IMG_6089 IMG_6082

We got to go home and see our families for Christmas this year which was so very nice.  Lots of yummy food at Nana and PawPaw’s house where we shared the news that we are expecting a baby girl!  Then off to the festival of lights where Michael began to express his independence and wanted to walk everywhere.  The next day was fun at Mamalu’s house opening presents and of course, eating again.IMG_6194 IMG_6209

IMG_6179 IMG_6189IMG_6196 IMG_6191

We did have to go home after only two days but it was so much fun packed into two days that we were all exhausted.  Michael got so many cute clothes and toys and was a hit at the Fields family Christmas party where he walked around shaking everyone’s hands.  Future politician?  Maybe but he definitely likes to be the center of attention no matter where he goes!

IMG_6069 IMG_6103 IMG_6207 IMG_6101 IMG_6116