Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well last Easter I had just come home from the hospital with our new daughter Ava.  This Easter, I did come home from the hospital with Ava, but because she was a sick little girl.  I spent the morning in the ER with Ava because she was having breathing problems. Turns out, she had RSV and strep throat.  This from a baby that has never been sick before! Almost made it one year without a trip to the hospital so not that bad.
We had Easter at our home this year and it was surprisingly unstressful. We cooked turkeys the night before and my dad helped me juice a TON of key limes for my first ever homemade key lime pie. Everyone else brought yummy food and we were all set. 
Michael had two Easter egg hunts that day and I have to tell you he was quite the pro. That silly Easter bunny left eggs on the boat, the slide and all over the yard. And because Michael was such a big boy, the Easter bunny came back later with more eggs filled with goodies.  This time, he must have been hungry because he left half eaten carrots all over the yard.
I didn't like the start of our day because we missed the sunrise service, but I did enjoy spending time with our family, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As an added bonus, we were able to share the good news that baby #3 is in fact a baby boy!  So come next fall Ava and I will be outnumbered.

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  1. Congratulations on Baby #3!! That is so exciting! Your family is absolutely beautiful!

    I have been reading your sister-in-law's blog for a while and just said hello for the first time tonight.

    My family and I live in Flower Mound, which is just up the street from Grapevine, and my aunt actually attends BSF at your brother's church. It's a very small world!

    Next time you are up to visit your brother, I would love to see you, even if it's only for an hour or so.