Sunday, August 21, 2011

Michael Dean

980199802214Well my sweet little boy, tomorrow is the first day of your school year as a two year old.  I am so proud of the little man you have become.  You have had quite the growth spurt , shooting up two inches in less than a month.  Thank goodness I have your growth chart hanging up!

You have such a sweet spirit and I adore how you love on your sister, Daddy and me.  You constantly give hugs and kisses without anyone asking for them.  I’ve gotten myself in a bit of trouble because everything I see in the store that I think you will like I can’t pass up!  I just love to see you happy!  The good news is that it doesn’t take much to make you smile. 

Your favorite game right now is chase, you being the chaser.  You look at me with a twinkle in those big brown eyes and say “chase Mommy”!  How can I resist?  I have found that I laugh more than you do when we are running around the house.  Your vocabulary is still ridiculous, you repeat everything.  Uncle Craig said New Braunfels at dinner Wednesday and you repeated it perfectly. 

You tell Daddy to be careful when he leaves for work and when he comes home you say “Miss you all day long”!  You won’t go to sleep unless we read and say our prayer and you have to give us multiple kisses.  Thank you for reminding me to live in the moment and appreciate every second we have.  I love you very much sweet boy and am excited about what this year will bring.  Enjoy your last summer night sweet pea!

Last trip of the Summer

974415096212 I don’t know why I said last trip since we spent most of the summer avoiding the heat with baby Ava.  Either way, we had fun going down to League City to see the grandparents and luckily, Matt, Bitt Bitt, Quinn and Nash were there too!

Our first order of business was to see Grandmother.  She hadn’t seen Ava since she was two months old.  Granted, it was only a month later but you know how much babies change in a day!  It was fun to have Michael visit with Gigi and get his little sticky finger prints on all of her glass furniture.  She didn’t mind though, in fact she left them there!240834586212IMG_0704IMG_0703

750834586212 The next day we headed to the beach with Mamalu and Lulu.  I was worried it would be too hot, but there was a storm in the gulf which made everything cooler.  Michael loved the water and mostly playing in the sand.  It was fun going down slides with him and floating down the lazy river.  Ava just took it all in stride as usual.  Laying in the sand. (don’t worry, plenty of sunscreen and a beach umbrella were used!)  IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701   IMG_0697Saturday, exhausted from the beach we just rested most of the day and waited for Quinn and Nash to arrive.  Sunday we got to hear Matt preach again and then after much needed naps we got to visit with Uncle Ron.  It was so good to see him, we sure do miss visiting with him.  706664586212826664586212 938454586212428454586212

611244586212 863554586212 320544586212 273484096212 281815096212 Hello 311244586212 Sunday night we headed for the Kemah Boardwalk but first had to stop by the Swamp Shack for some amazing crawfish/hamburgers.  It was awesome.  The boys had fun running on the boardwalk and riding the train.  Once again, Ava just went along for the ride, taking in all the sights and sounds. 483015096212 224084586212444015096212215415096212394415096212

Sadly we had to leave on Monday but not before getting a picture of PawPaw and his grandbabies.  It was so fun spending time with family and I wish we all lived closer.  At least we have these memories to get us through until the next time.  886884586212

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three Months Old

IMG_0669As hard as it is to believe Ava, you are already three months old.  You are growing like crazy, so much faster than I expected!  Your hair is also growing at rapid pace, I think you have thicker hair than I do!  You coo and razz a lot but the cutest thing you have started to do is giggle.  Your little laugh is so hilarious, it is such a deep throaty laugh.  The first time I heard you laugh, your PawPaw had you.  I don’t know what you were laughing at but you just couldn’t stop!  I have tried to video you laughing over and over but finally Lulu and Mamalu had you laughing and I got it!

You aren’t my super great sleeper lately but I can’t complain.  How can I when I go in your room and you immediately flash me that gummy smile and coo, I just love you so much. You are such a happy little girl the only time you fuss is when you are hungry and then you mean business.  You have a very dramatic cry and tears are immediate. I can only assume it only get more interesting as you get older.IMG_0673IMG_0672(I couldn’t resist this picture.  I think you will be able to do the eyebrow thing like me!)

You are my sweet little girl and I am so blessed that God chose me for your Mommy.  I promise that I know what a gift you are and I will always cherish you.