Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nine Months Old

Well, it is May and Ava turned 9 months old in January but at least I am finally posting pictures. Ava, it has been a crazy month for us.  We moved into our new house and I settled into being a full time Mommy.  So here are the things you did as a 9 month old:
  • The Sunday after we moved into our house, you started sitting up all by yourself!  You just rolled over on your tummy and sat right up!  It was so great to witness the first time you did it, you were very proud of yourself.
  • You are my amazing sleeper, you sleep all night and I just sing a song, put you in your crib and you fall asleep on your own.  Thank you SO much for that.
  • You are beginning to try new foods but without teeth, this becomes difficult. 
  • You still laugh more for Michael than anyone else.
  • It sounds like you are saying Dada, and according to your Daddy, this is your first word, however it just sounds like you are babbling.
  • Your hair continues to amaze me and grow and grow.  I'm so glad you are so girly, now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

Nine months have flown by, just like the nine months of being pregnant with you.  You warm our hearts more and more each day, I cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

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