Thursday, January 12, 2012


Of all the things I have to play, I’d choose my brother any day.” ~Unknown

Scan 8I have always known the magic of having an older brother because of my brother Matt.  We are 3 years and 11 months apart.  I don’t have one childhood memory without him in it.  Building forts in the living room, turning the couches over and making obstacle courses and hiding friends in the pantry or laundry room when Dad came home for lunch. :)  I think one of my favorite memories is when Matt thought it would be a good idea to move the trampoline closer to the house and then jump off the roof and onto the trampoline.  I’ll never forget how my Dad pulled up in the driveway right as Matt was in mid air.  Scan 5 Scan 2 Scan 4The only world I have ever known is a world with Matt in it.  I know that Ava will feel the exact same way about Michael when she grows up.  I love to see her smile and coo at him when he comes into the room.  I can imagine how I must have responded to Matt when I was her age and how my parents must have loved to see us playing together. Scan 9Scan 6Scan 7Michael and Ava are exactly 22 months apart.  Michael is so sweet and gentle with her.  He loves to sing to her and “read” to her everyday.  He tries to get her to stop crying except during “Super Why”.  He has no patience when his show is on.  Ava was hungry one afternoon and I wasn’t fast enough so she started fussing.  Michael looked at her and said “Hush Ava!” and then he looked at me as if to say “Hurry up Mommy!”, silly boy.  IMG_0115IMG_0152321110_2570933515536_1320206270_2952657_671327365_n305888_2570974396558_1320206270_2952754_1443899789_n

294025_2570926355357_1320206270_2952640_1371333280_n IMG_8403 IMG_8262 Michael amazes me with his ability to count, his singing and his reading.  He has such a sweet spirit and is very sympathetic if someone is hurting.  I can honestly say that each day he teaches me patience and I find yet another reason to love him unconditionally.  I know that I am so blessed with such a beautiful (inside and out) son and Ava is so very fortunate that Michael is her big brother.  IMG_0775IMG_0774I can’t wait to see what things he will teach her and what secrets they will share.  I wish that I could freeze them and keep them this age forever.  There is this connection and bond that they share that is just so precious and loving. IMG_0247 IMG_0240IMG_0243IMG_0244IMG_0246So I’m sure there will be many forts and friends hiding in our future and I couldn’t be more excited.  I know that Michael and Ava will be just as close as Matt and I have been.  Now if we could only live closer.

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