Monday, September 6, 2010

Walking, Walking, Everywhere!

IMG_5243 I am SO excited that Michael is walking .  He loves it and smiles with pride every time he takes a step.  Here is the timeline of how things progressed: On Wednesday July 7th, Michael started letting go of things and “falling/walking” to Mommy and Daddy.  We would let go and he would start laughing and taking steps towards us.  He was so excited and you bet that I caught it on film!IMG_5242

On Tuesday July 13th, Michael was standing up holding on to the antique hutch.  He looked at the chair, then back at the hutch, then Mommy and then Daddy.  All of a sudden he let go and walked to the chair!  Of course we both got excited he took his first unaided steps and we both got to witness it!!!  He spent about a week letting go of things and walking to other things and then he discovered a new game.IMG_5245On Monday July 19th, I would let go of Michael and he would walk across the living room to Daddy.  Then he would turn around and walk to me.  Let me tell you, this was the highlight of his day.  He would do this over and over and over again.  Such a big boy!  So we did this every night for a while and now our little man is walking all over the house, little blue cement truck lovey in tow.IMG_0286

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