Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Days

pool 5 Well, the last days of summer were so sad for me.  I knew I was going to be leaving my sweet little boy soon and returning to my bigger boys and girls. So in an effort to squeeze as much out of our final week together as possible we hit the ground running!IMG_0276IMG_0302IMG_0300 IMG_0289IMG_0299 Drums 2

We went swimming with Lulu and Craig where we discovered Michael’s favorite food is peaches and then my poor baby had to go shopping with me.  No worries, I bought him the cutest clothes!!!  I even picked out his Thanksgiving outfit!  Nana and PawPaw came up and took Michael to the park.  He loves to swing!  This summer made me realize how much we need a swing set in our backyard.  Michael LOVES the swings! He never jumped in his “Johnny jump up” he tried to swing!IMG_0314IMG_5255 IMG_5256IMG_5266IMG_5275IMG_5271While I was back for teacher in-service, Michael came up to help me finish getting  ready for the first day. Of course I mostly just showed him off and he squealed and flirted with everyone.  So while the summer days are officially  over, we sure did enjoy them while they lasted.  Now I spend my weekends kissing Michael and chasing him around.   I can’t wait for Christmas!!! 

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