Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Hair Style

IMG_0214Well, Michael had a TON of hair when he was first born. Then it started to go away and then, it grew in a lot lighter and thinner.  Sorry baby, looks like you have hair like Mommy.  Anyway, I wanted to try to get his hair cut before his first birthday party, but DeAnn (the best and sweetest stylist I know) and I could not get our schedules together!IMG_0208IMG_0211 IMG_0209So FINALLY, July 21, 2010, one day before Michael turned 13 months, we got together and she cut his hair.  He was so sweet and didn’t fuss.  He just sat in Mommy’s lap while she worked her magic.  And after a few moments, my little baby looked like a little boy!  Bye bye mullet hair and baby face, hello little man.  So sweet and so sad.  When did he grow up?  Either way, he looks so sweet and finally has a hair style.  Thanks DeAnn! IMG_0207IMG_0212IMG_0210

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