Friday, September 10, 2010


IMG_0343Well, Michael is 14 months old now.  Yep, time has truly lost its meaning for me now!  So why am I so excited?  Michael is FINALLY TEETHING!  My darling little toddler is just now getting his pearly whites.  Luckily he has just gummed all of his food until now.  No worries here, he eats like a champ.  Just so crazy that he is so old with no teeth!  People constantly guess that he is younger because when he smiles (that precious smile) is is just pink gummy sweetness.  No longer!  The kicker is that he is teething ALL at once.  He has four teeth coming in right now and at times I do believe he is so miserable. The only thing is, he will not chew on anything that was made for teething babies! He just gets mad and I try not to laugh because I know he is just truly frustrated. The only thing he chews on is the lids on his sippy cups.IMG_0355IMG_0353So sad, poor little guy just doesn’t understand why his mouth hurts.  Don’t worry, he isn’t totally crying here, he is actually throwing a fit. He has gotten pretty good at making this face and then waiting for my reaction.  Such a tease ;).IMG_0357The good news is that this will pass and he will be my little snaggletooth.  People tell me that babies that teethe later have healthier teeth, I think someone made that up so they would feel better.  I don’t care, I’m just glad there are teeth in there!  So, soon they will break through and my little man will start leaving little teeth marks on everything. :)

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  1. Ok so, he is precious... still. Gorgeous, handsome boy of yours!!

    Diane was in CS this past weekend and told me some things. that's all I will say.