Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, what do Quinn Davis Poe and Michael Dean DePalermo have in common?  Let’s count:

firsts 0181. They are adored by everyone they meet,IMG_5243

2. They both have such sweet hearts and like to share,

3. They both have parents that are CRAZY about them,



4. They both have grandparents that are head over heels in love with them,

5. They both have two dogs,

6. They both have blogs,

7. They both have “Poe” in them,

8. They are both spoiled sweet,

9. And they both love cars….

I can’t help but think that they have one more thing in common but what is it? Oh, I remember!IMG_0327

10. They are both big brothers!!!

That’s right!  We are pregnant with baby #2.  Michael is going to be a big brother and Quinn(again) and Nash will be big cousins!  We are so excited and a little shocked.  I took two boxes of pregnancy tests over the course of Labor Day weekend because I just couldn’t believe it.  I took the first box of tests on Saturday morning around 5am.  When they came back with the word “pregnant” on the screen I just couldn’t believe it!  I just don’t think I was prepared for that!  So I went back to bed with my secret and couldn’t sleep.  I just keep thinking about Michael and if we should hold him back and how old he would be when he graduated and how far apart they would be in school.  Then I wondered how on earth I could love another child as much as I love Michael.  Then I wondered what this little love’s personality will be like?  Michael is so funny and truly mischievous.  Will this baby be nice and calm for me?  IMG_0325 Anyway, Michael and I kissed Daddy goodbye and we had breakfast. It was our secret for the whole day. Then we went for a walk, bought and planted mums and then waited for Daddy.  Michael greeted Derin with his “Big Bro” shirt on.  I told Derin to look at Michael’s shirt and he commented that it was cute.  I told him to look again and he said he liked it.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I blurted out We’re Pregnant!  He was a shocked as I was!  I have to say, it is truly a blessing and we praise God for this little miracle.  So here we are, round two, girly thoughts everyone :). IMG_0324


  1. How exciting!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! It is absolutely amazing how your love can accomodate another (completely different in every way) child. The best part of having two kids, for me, is watching their relationship and adoration for each other. Enjoy these last months of "just the three of you".

  2. CONGRATS!!! That is SO exciting...I will for sure be thinking girly thoughts for you haha. Hope everyone is doing great at school. I sure miss all of you!! Take care of yourself and that little one inside. I'm so glad I can follow your pregnancy this time around.