Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Dinners

Every Wednesday night the DePalermo family gathers at Aunt Karen's and Uncle Sammy's house for family dinner. It really is such a highlight in the week. The food is always yummy and since many of us are teachers, the conversations are interesting. (Gotta love our war stories)

This past week was the annual pumpkin carving night. We had yummy sloppy joes and then headed to the back deck to carve pumpkins. At first Derin and I couldn't decide what to do. Michael was just happy to run outside. What ever happened to the traditional triangle mouth, eyes and nose? Anyway, everyone picked their templates, traced and carved. It was fun watching everyone and seeing the finished products. I have to say I am incredibly impressed and it was truly a fun night! Derin's spider (although I'm afraid of spiders) looks pretty amazing. Even though Michael wasn't quite sure what was going on and I was feeling icky because of baby #2 (more on that later), it was a beautiful evening with family and pumpkins!

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  1. So fun!! We are carving our pumpkins tonight!! Looks like you guys had a blast :)