Monday, April 19, 2010

Water Baby + Cotton Baby = The Cutest Thing Ever!

Water Baby: My sweet little boy just LOVES the water! Bath 5He loves his bath time and the bigger the splashes the better.  I don’t care, I just love to watch him play in the water.  He splashed so much that there was water on the camera lens. He has toys but lately he just wants to play with his washcloth.  Don’t know why, when he has plenty of other things to play with but…to each his own.  The other day, Michael turned around in his tub and laid down in the water, and then proceeded to put his face in the water!  So adorable how much he loves it!  The bathtub is so big at our house that he still uses his own tub.  However, Derin threw on a swimsuit and got in the big tub with Michael.  He LOVED it.  I thought he might be afraid but he wasn’t, he just splashed and put everything in his mouth.  Sweet little boy, I can’t wait for your first swimming lesson!  Bath 1Bath 2 Bath 3Bath 4Bath 7Bath 8Sleep 4

Cotton Baby:  Look at how sweetly he sleeps.  Is there anything cuter than a baby sleeping?  I finally got a shot of him sleeping with his bum up in the air. This morning, he was giggling so I went to see what he was doing, but he was sleeping.  He must have been enjoying his dream.  I’m so grateful for these moments and I can’t believe how quickly they have past.Sleep 5Sleep 3Sleep 2

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