Monday, April 12, 2010


What color are your eyes?  Seems like a simple question with a simple answer. People have blue, brown, green, hazel and then there’s Michael.  IMG_4166Grey, blue, and brown.  We went to the ophthalmologist to check on something in Michael’s eye.  No big deal, everything is fine.  I asked her what color Michael’s eyes would end up being.  She said that babies can have one color eyes and then when they turn 18 months they change.  But for now, Michael has a mixture of colors.  She looked in his sweet little, well big, dilated eyes and said he has grey, blue and brown fibers.  Those three colors make up his eye color.  

P1010930Basically, when Michael wears green or brown, his eyes look greenish grey, when he wears blue they look navy blue but when he wears other colors they look grey.  I must say it is pretty how his outfit (do boys have outfits?) brings out different colors in his eyes.  Why does this matter you ask?  Well, when I was pregnant I prayed my little boy would have blue eyes like his Daddy.  I just know that I have brown hair and brown eyes and I hoped Michael would have beautiful bright blue eyes.  I even looked up an online test from the Genetics department at the University of Michigan where you can see the the probability of your babies eye color based on your family tree. It was a 60% chance Michael would have brown eyes and a 40% chance they would be blue or green. Silly, maybe but I did TONS of reading and research when I was preggo.

So, Michael has an eye color all his own and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My beautiful boy.  Now, we will just wait and see how long they stay this way.  What color do you think they are?

Towel Baby

Michael - 4 mos 027

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