Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten Months Old


Well my little darling you are ten months old. In fact, in about six weeks you will be one year old! I always knew that time flies by but now that you are here I can truly feel it. I have to be honest it has been a rough few weeks. It seems that just when you start to feel better, you get sick again. If only hugs and kisses could make things all better. Regardless, your daddy and I give you plenty!

1. You crawl like golom from the Lord of the Rings, with your right leg tucked under. You also slap your hands down really hard on the floor when you crawl. I think you like the way it sounds.IMG_4536

2. Kaya now has a game with you. She crouches down like she wants to pounce and waits for you to see her. When you spot her, you squeal causing her to spring up and run.  Of course, you follow her and she just loves it. She may not act like it to us, but she enjoys the chase. Just wait though, you will catch her soon enough. 

3. You are getting much better with the sippy cups. Sometimes you get so mad though that you tuck your chin into your chest and stick out your bottom lip. Such a little temper.IMG_4542

4. You suddenly love your sweet potato puffs, pepperoni, bread and of course pasta sauce. (you little Italian you) You LOVE limes and lemons. And Saturday daddy gave you some pork rib and brisket. Welcome to Texas little guy!IMG_4672IMG_4532IMG_4681 IMG_4678

5. Not a big binkie fan anymore. Only when you are falling asleep do you want a binkie. I guess you would rather squeal and talk.

6. You are SO LOUD, and you talk A LOT. I wonder where you get that from? You just love to laugh and squeal and babble. I swear you said kitty the other day, probably just wishful thinking.

7. You weigh 18 lbs! You have met your goal weight for 12 months. Way to go little baby, 2 months early!

8. Bathtime is an adventure. The bigger the splashes the better with you little man.

9. You stand up every chance you get. Well, you pull up on everything. You have been trying to stand up in the middle of the floor but there is nothing to hold on to so you usually face plant. :( You like to pull up on the ottoman  and take a few steps with it before falling down.

10. You love anything with farm animals. Nana and PawPaw got you a See 'n Say and you love how it plays "Old MacDonald" and all the farm animals. Mamalu got you a farm book and you squeal and slap the pages. Should we move to the country...?IMG_4689

11. You are trying to clap and it is so cute. Instead of slapping your hands together, you just slide your right hand over your left. Honestly, its hilarious.

12. You are beginning to wave. Just all of a sudden, you started waving. Crazy!

You have grown so much that before I knew it, you turned into a little boy. You don't look like a baby anymore. That's okay, because no matter how old you are, you will ALWAYS be my little boy. I love you so much sweet pea that everything else fails in comparison.


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