Friday, June 14, 2013

Nine Months Old

 Austin Ryan, my little chubbers!  So sorry my love but that is your nickname and it is all too fitting. I especially love it when Ava calls you little chubbers, so cute! I am certainly loving this stage of your little life because of all the fun things you can do!
  • Stranger anxiety has definitely set in.  If you can't see me, you are not my happy little guy and sometimes if you just hear me and someone else is holding you, that's it, you've had enough!  So funny.  I remember when Michael and Ava went through that stage too.  I'll cherish it while it lasts and you aren't too cool for me.
  • You are crawling everywhere now and it is cute.  You smile and get so proud of yourself! Now if you could just master the carpet to tile maneuver and catch up to Michael and Ava, you'd be all set.
  • You absolutely love your Johnny Jumper (thank you Lulu and Uncle Craig). You squeal and jump as high as you can.  Ava of course feels it is a swing and keeps trying to push you.  Honestly, it isn't safe to leave you in the same room with them because both your brother and sister feel that you are as tough as they are and don't exactly realize that while you are bigger, you are still a baby! Not good for Mommy's blood pressure. Have mercy!
  • You have one definite tooth and it looks like two more are on their way.  It has been tough, you aren't taking the teething pain very well.  Your usual happy disposition is gone and you fuss a bit more.  It's okay though, we can get past this, I guess I just have to give you extra snuggles and kisses!
  • You still love every food I have fed you so far. Let's hope this keeps going until you move out of our house!
  • I love how your face lights up when your daddy comes home!  You just can't wait to get your hands on his face!
It has been a busy month and luckily doctor free!  What's next?  It's time to see you walk my love! God help me, with the three of you mobile, I'll never sit down again!

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