Friday, June 14, 2013

Ava Elisabeth is BRAVE

Well, Ava is all about Merida and her three baby brothers so of course it was only fitting to throw her a Brave party for her second birthday.  Did I just say second birthday?! My goodness, my little baby girl did not get to stay little long enough!

The party first began down at Nana and Pawpa's house where we got together with Jodi, her daughter Ava, Gigi and Mamalu to make Ava's cake.  It was so much fun watching the girls get dressed up in their little aprons to help in the kitchen.  Of course by help, I mean taste the batter, icing and extra cake pieces.  A HUGE thank you to Jodi for driving up from Galveston TWICE with her things to help us finish this cake.  I have enormous respect for people that are professional bakers, it is not easy, especially the decorating part.  I think it was a big success and the kids especially loved running around and jumping on Mamalu and Gigi! Thank you Nana, for setting up the whole cake baking party and for giving us a chance to make such sweet memories.  It was so much fun!

The day of Ava's party could not have been more beautiful outside.  Derin had just come home from a two week trip to Big Bend and was just in time for the big day.  It was a blast watching Ava put on her Merida costume and run around with her bow and arrow set.  I hated to see us beat up the Angus piƱata that we worked so hard on, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

I cannot believe that Ava is already two years old, I remember going into labor at school!  My poor students.  So my little brave girl is in her second year and is growing up before my eyes, we are so blessed to be able to watch it.

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