Sunday, October 30, 2011

Five Months Old

Yes, of course this is long over due as you are now sixth months old little one.  But, with your Daddy living in our new house and us back here, things are a bit hectic and when I do find time to sit down, it is usually to sleep.294089_2570932035499_1320206270_2952653_1429874388_nWell precious Ava, you are quite the little doll.  Your hair is so amazing that it is the first thing people comment on.  Needless to say, your hair accessories now take up an entire wall in your room.  IMG_0764You have begun to actually eat your cereal, we have come a long way in a month on that one.  Now you eat some fruits and veggies but you make silly faces all throughout dinner.  You still eat it so I’m not sure what you are thinking.IMG_0770 You roll everywhere.  You have outgrown your play gym because you kept getting  caught in the sides when you would try to roll around.  So, now we have a floor full of blankets for you to roll around in circles.

You amaze me with how much you know your brother.  He makes you laugh like no one else.  There is such a sweet connection there that makes me fall in love with you both all over again. IMG_0772You love for me to sing, doesn’t matter what the words are, you just love the melody. So if you are fussy, I just sing about something and all is well.  You are such a great little sleeper, thank you so much for blessing me with sleep.  Not much phases you, you are a very relaxed little girl.  Not like your mommy. :)IMG_0762Well my little darling Ava, you are growing up before my very eyes and I can’t believe it is happening.  So stop it. Just stay this size forever my love.

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