Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Months Old

303731_2570923035274_1320206270_2952633_1369917211_n Happy half birthday my littlest love!  My goodness how you have grown, it just amazes me!  You now eat all of your fruits and vegetables.  You even love carrots, which Michael hated until recently.  IMG_0762 IMG_0761You now weigh 18 lbs and are 27.6 inches long.  You gained three pounds and grew almost three inches in three months.  I cannot believe you have tripled your birth weight already.  Doctors expect that by the first year!  Now I have to buy a new carseat in the next couple of months silly girl!IMG_0771 IMG_0766You still roll everywhere and try to sit up by yourself.  You can do it for a few seconds but then you look at me or Michael and lose your focus.   So cute.  Your favorite thing to do is to stick your hands out in front of you as far as you can and star at them.  Almost as if you are inspecting your manicure.  It is hilarious that you can amuse yourself for a good ten minutes doing that. IMG_0769You love to blow raspberries with your mouth especially while you are eating because then the food goes everywhere!  You are a messy eater unlike your brother because you stick your fingers in your mouth and then spread stuff all over your beautiful head of hair.  IMG_0767

You coo constantly and have found your high voice.  For a while there you only hit low notes but not anymore!  Just like your brother, the louder you get, the higher you get!

Finally my love, I am beginning to see myself in you.  I can see me in your smile and it just melts my heart.  You have the best parts of me my love.  There is just something special about having a daughter, something unexpected but so sweet.

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