Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Four Months Old

IMG_0759 Wow, already?  Ava you are such a big girl!  You now weigh 15 lbs, are 25 1/2 inches long.  You have gained 9 pounds and grown 7 1/2 inches since you were born!  You sleep on average nine hours a night and I couldn’t be happier.  Now you only cat nap during the day with the longest nap being 1 hour in length but I’m not complaining!IMG_0747 IMG_0746IMG_0757IMG_0754Your giggle is contagious and you are SO ticklish!  Every morning when I change you, when I go to lift your shirt over your head you just start giggling!  Anytime I reach for your neck you just start to laugh and it cracks me up!  You really are a happy baby just so sweet and giggly.  You love to talk all the time and you have such a silly little voice.  You reach these high notes and just smile the whole time. IMG_0756IMG_0755

You do however, have three distinct cries: hungry, tired and hurt.  The hurt cry usually comes when you pull your own hair or your brother is a little too rough.  The hungry cry comes out of no where.  You are not shy about letting us know when it is time to eat and that time is NOW!  The tired cry is more a whimper, not too big.  The issue with your cries is you are very dramatic. The second you wind up the tears start to flow.  I can only assume this is a glimpse into the future.  Flash forward fifteen years to you shopping at the mall and you want something.  You will glance at your Daddy with those big blue eyes full of tears and he will cave.  Who wouldn’t?IMG_0760 IMG_0758You roll around on your playmat, not quite rolling over yet but side to side and back and forth.  You do roll from your tummy to your back and you let me know when you are done with tummy time, make no mistake about that! You have such great head control and like to sit in your bumbo and look around.  You know Michael’s voice and look for him when he enters the room. 

You reach for everything that you can and get so frustrated when you can’t pick it up, but you are getting better!  The best new development is your faces.  You make such funny faces and look at me like I’m crazy sometimes.  I totally believe that you will be able to raise one eyebrow like me and your Nana.  Can’t wait to see it!IMG_0748

Your hair is out of control and I think we will cut it soon, either that or I will start to curl it!  Even though you sometimes wake me up at unspeakable hours, when I go in your room and see your gummy smile, nothing else matters.  I realized the other day while I was holding you that Michael was once your size and now look at him.  You  too will grow up too fast but I’m not going to miss a second.  I love you little one, Happy Four Month Birthday!IMG_0751

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