Monday, July 18, 2011


 Sea-World-011_thumb2Sea-World-004_thumb1It has been a while since my brother’s family and mine have been together.  We have had two babies since the last time we did something together!  So, when Matt was asked to preach at a church nearby, we jumped at the chance to get together.  So what else is there to do in 103 degree heat?  Nothing but head to SeaWorld.  2022651921166212_thumb1IMG_7425IMG_7427Sea-World-055_thumb1IMG_7437IMG_7433IMG_7434Sea-World-035_thumb1Sea-World-037_thumb1Sea-World-032_thumb1Sea-World-040_thumb1Sea-World-044_thumb1Sea-World-048_thumb1Sea-World-051_thumb1IMG_7532IMG_7537IMG_7540Sea-World-019_thumb1I have to say once again that I have a new found respect for all the times my parents packed us up and headed to some sort of amusement park.  It took a lot of preparation and sunscreen but one look on Michael’s face at the sight of Shamu and it was totally worth it. 

It was so sweet to watch Quinn and Michael all day long, like long lost buddies.  They were so sweet together and it made me realize we don’t get together often enough.  Ava was such a trooper, sleeping through most of the day, waking long enough to eat and take a dip in the Bay of Play.  And Nash, well that little boy is just a ball of sweet droll and fun.  I think he has fun no matter where he goes!11Sea-World-150_thumb2Sea-World-077_thumb2Sea-World-165_thumb1Sea-World-163_thumb1     

Michael was so excited to see Elmo and Cookie Monster on stage that when the music was over he ran right up to them and gave them hugs!  No fear this little one he was just too excited! 10389751166212_thumb2IMG_7453IMG_7504Sea-World-144_thumb1Sea-World-141_thumb1I know my parents were as exhausted as we were when we finally headed for home.  Ava slept all night long until about 8 am!  It was such an experience and I am so glad we could spend it together, even if the dolphins were not cooperating.  I think one of my favorite moments was when Michael saw Shamu jump out of the water.  He kept doing the hand sign for more over and over.  Don’t worry Michael, there will be lots more to come!

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