Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three Months Old

IMG_0669As hard as it is to believe Ava, you are already three months old.  You are growing like crazy, so much faster than I expected!  Your hair is also growing at rapid pace, I think you have thicker hair than I do!  You coo and razz a lot but the cutest thing you have started to do is giggle.  Your little laugh is so hilarious, it is such a deep throaty laugh.  The first time I heard you laugh, your PawPaw had you.  I don’t know what you were laughing at but you just couldn’t stop!  I have tried to video you laughing over and over but finally Lulu and Mamalu had you laughing and I got it!

You aren’t my super great sleeper lately but I can’t complain.  How can I when I go in your room and you immediately flash me that gummy smile and coo, I just love you so much. You are such a happy little girl the only time you fuss is when you are hungry and then you mean business.  You have a very dramatic cry and tears are immediate. I can only assume it only get more interesting as you get older.IMG_0673IMG_0672(I couldn’t resist this picture.  I think you will be able to do the eyebrow thing like me!)

You are my sweet little girl and I am so blessed that God chose me for your Mommy.  I promise that I know what a gift you are and I will always cherish you.

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