Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 Years Old

I cannot believe that it has been two years since God gave us Michael.  It has been two years full of joy, laughter, excitement and sometimes tears. I love to watch Michael play and sing to himself everyday.  Sometimes it seems like he is in his own little world.  I tried to do an interview with him for his second birthday but I only got a clear answer to two questions:

1. Mommy: What is your favorite color Michael?

Michael: Yellow (pronounced Yeylow)

2. Mommy: Michael, what is your favorite movie?

Michael: Watch Mater and Lightning! (Cars)IMG_0619IMG_0621IMG_0616

  So what are some facts about the two year old Michael? Here is my 2nd birthday letter to you Michael:

You cannot sit still for more than two minutes at a time and that is only if Cars is on.  Your vocabulary is endless.  You amaze me everyday with new words and big words!I asked you what you wanted for dinner and you said “Quesadilla!” as if you had been saying that word forever!  You absolutely LOVE to play with bubbles and a few weeks ago I was blowing them for you and you said “amazing!”, again out of nowhere. 

You love to read, you constantly bring me books to read to you and if I can’t read to you, you sit in the chair and talk as you flip through the pages.  You are such a comedian and your timing is perfect.  When Derin comes home you run up to him and say “Daddy, missed you all day!”. 

You are incredibly sweet and I can’t imagine how you could get any sweeter.  You get upset if anyone else is upset and you can’t stand to hear your baby sister cry.  You keep telling me “Ava crying” until I get her to stop or you go over to her and say “Mommy’s coming Ava”. 

You know the letters of the alphabet and all of your colors.  You can even count to thirty! As awesome as that is to me, my favorite thing is how you remember your favorite books and songs and while you play I hear you talking about the book or singing your songs.  You melt my heart. 

I’m so lucky that you are a great sleeper.  I put you in your bed for a nap or bedtime and after a story and prayer you lay down and go to sleep.  When you are ready to wake up, I hear this sweet little voice say “Mommy!” and then when I open the door, we sing our song and start our day.

The days of perfect pictures are over.  You will not sit still for a picture, mainly because you want to see the camera.  That’s okay, one day you will sit still for a little bit.

You love your sister so much I can’t even believe it.  I feared you would be jealous or unsure but we had no issues when we brought Ava home.  You constantly kiss Ava and talk to her, she just lights up when you talk to her.  You want to hold her all the time and have gotten much better at it.  When Ava cries you try to guess what it is she needs.  You say “Ava hungry” or “Ava diaper”.   You just want to make sure she is okay. 


I never thought I could love you more but each day you show me how to.  I am so blessed that you are my son and I have loved watching you grow the past two years.  It seems just like yesterday we were brining you home and now you’re this little boy.  Even though you are growing up into this precious little person, you are and will always be my baby.

(Please forgive me for this picture, it was too funny trying to get you to sit still for your 2 year picture with your bear. After this shot, I gave up.)


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