Friday, July 15, 2011

Fire Trucks

IMG_0231 For Michael’s actual birthday, there was only one thing on his mind, Fire Trucks.  We got up early and went to the fire station where real firemen gave us a tour of the station and let Michael get in a fire truck!  He acted kind of shy at first but with some help from Daddy he began to get really excited.

  IMG_0209IMG_0211IMG_0210IMG_0214After our tour we had to get Michael’s favorite breakfast: donuts.  As we pulled into the donut shop, Michael let out one of his famous ear piercing squeal! (you have to understand that any time he sees a paper bag now, he screams donuts!) We got his favorite one, chocolate covered with sprinkles.   IMG_0215We came home and rested and waited for the sun to come out. (of course it hadn’t rained in 90 days but it rains on Michael’s birthday) After a yummy lunch we went swimming.  Ava just rested in her cute suit while the three of us swam.  Sadly, Michael got into an ant pile and his little ankle got so swollen I had to give him Benadryl.  It was okay though, he was so sweet and so we got ready and headed to family dinner.IMG_0556

It was a great day with the four of us and I will remember it always.  Love you Bubba.

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