Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Month Old

Dar·ling /ˈdɑrlɪŋ/:

a person very dear to another; one dearly loved.

Darling is definitely the word I use to describe Ava.  I just call her Ava darling all the time.  Here is just one of many post to you my Ava darling. 

530919706212 350919706212 440919706212 506539706212 You have grown so much this past month.  You are over your jaundice and you have gotten back on track with your eating.  You eat so much it seems like I am always feeding you.  You sleep a lot right now but when you are awake your brother can’t get enough of you.  Every time I put you on your tummy you manage to roll yourself on your back again.  You don’t like to sleep on your tummy or flat on your back so thank goodness for the baby sleeper from your Uncle Matt and BittBitt.  You only get up once a night right now to eat but make up for it during the day.  I believe you will be a lot more patient than your brother because it seems I have to tell you just a minute so I can see what he needs.  You love to snuggle and I couldn’t be happier.  You nuzzle yourself in my neck and take a deep sigh and fall asleep, you melt my heart.  One thing is definitely for sure, you weren’t excited about your first “photo shoot” but you will learn to love it (or at least tolerate it)!985539706212616539706212906539706212585539706212695539706212840919706212730919706212

I have begun to think about all the things we will do together as Mommy and daughter.  I have been telling you about the birthday parties Nana used to throw for me and all the fun things we did together.  I can’t wait to plan your birthday parties and shop for dresses together.  Then of course your wedding. My darling girl will one day walk down the aisle in the most beautiful dress and I will be right there in the front row.  But let’s slow down a bit huh?  We still have games (whatever sport you want) and recitals to attend.  My head is spinning with what the years will bring!  I have the most beautiful daughter in the world my darling Ava and I am so blessed to be your Mommy.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, just ask your brother Michael and he will say, “pretty Ava”! 

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