Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Michael’s Dedication

     Well, we finally had Michael dedicated at church on December 5th.  Now he is already 17 months old but better late than never!  It just seems that I do things a little later than other people these days.  I think I need a vacation.  Anyway, it was truly a precious moment and I was holding back tears when pastor Butch read to the three of us. Michael was smiling and talking and just “hamming” it up in front of the church.  We were up on the big screen and Michael was not shy in front of the crowd.  I wonder where he gets that?  Anyway, it was so sweet because the sermon was out of Luke and the birth of baby Jesus.  He spoke of how we dedicate our children to God knowing that all belong to him and we are simply their “step” parents here on earth.  Michael received a Bible and a sweet hand-sewn blanket that he loves to pull around the house.IMG_5857 IMG_5860IMG_5827IMG_5828IMG_5826     After church we all went to eat Chinese food, thank you pregnancy cravings but Michael was ready for bed.  It was a perfect Sunday with all our family there to watch our sweet son and his dedication. IMG_5832IMG_5842IMG_5854

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