Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas List 2010

     I cannot believe it is that time of year already!  I am so glad that it is Christmas time and that we are not in the same place as last year.  This time last year, Michael had RSV and was in the hospital, at the same time, Derin and the DePalermo family were moving us into our new home.  It was a crazy time and I am so glad to be settled, the tree is up and its time for Michael’s list!

These are some cute clothes and jammies that Michael needs in his closet and yes, it’s all Old Navy. 

Jammies 1 hat JacketSweaterLove, Love, Love these little Puma shoes. Michael is running now and needs the gear to go with it!  He is now in a size 5 in Pumas, they seem to run small?! Shoes 1 Shoes 2Here are some of the sweet toys that my little man needs to learn, play and explore! The best part is, you can get them all at Target (It’s what Academy is to men!)

Book ABC Alphablock Sorter  

This Busy Zoo Michael MUST have, I just know it will keep him busy and entertained for more than his usual 5 minutes!

Busy Zoo

I saw these blocks and thought it would be fun for Michael to play with and build a castle or whatever his imagination can create!

Fun Cubed

Nesting blocks!  Definitely a must because my nesting mixing bowls need a break!

Potsy Nesting Blocks Nesting Blocks 2

Lastly, a trunk to put Michael’s many toys in, yep, they have taken over my house but honestly, I don’t care!  Again, this is at Target, is there anything you can’t buy there?


So that is the list for my little man this Christmas.  I can’t wait until Michael can write his own list and leave it on the fireplace for Santa!  BUT, right now he can stay my baby, at least a while longer :).

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