Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

     Well, last year at this time Michael was diagnosed with RSV and was hospitalized.  As difficult as that was we also closed on our old and new house and tried to move during the same weekend.  So, needless to say we did not get any Christmas up until December 23rd.  Well, not this year.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, Nana and PawPaw were here and we just got to setting up the house!  We were so tired at the end of the day but it was totally worth it.  We got the tree up with the lights on but left the rest of the tree trimming for when Derin got home.  It was hilarious because my dad mowed and edged the yard and then decided to get on our roof and blow off all the leaves!  The silliest part is how my sweet little Michael slept through the entire experience.  Why can’t he do that at night?


     We ate dinner, grandparents hit the road (with protests from Michael) and the three of us finished the tree. Later we put the lights outside and Michael kept climbing up the ladder. He is such a daredevil and has now started doing flips off the couch.  NOT OKAY with Mommy and Daddy. So he was angry when Mommy kept pulling him down to the second step on the ladder.


     I love waking up and turning on all the lights!  Michael hasn’t messed with the tree (yet) but he does like to play with all of the packages under the tree.  So, his presents will not go out until Christmas Eve.  But either way, I cannot wait to see what my little man does once Santa has come to our home!






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