Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, Halloween this year was a big improvement, not because we had more fun but because Michael stayed awake this time.  Last year he was only four months old so even though he was adorable as Yoda, he wasn’t in love with the whole fall festival thing.  But this year I believe he was beginning to get the hang of it.  This year, Michael now 16 months old was a lumberjack and a very cute one at that. Every bit of his costume was easy except when we went to “paint” on his stubble beard with eyeliner.  You would have thought we were pulling a tooth or something! He was screaming his little head off, but we managed to get something on his face and then all was right with the world again.IMG_0451 IMG_0454IMG_0455IMG_0458 IMG_0457 IMG_0459

We went to the fall festival at our church and Michael got to play games.  Well, Derin and I helped Michael play the games.  I think he broke most of the rules but everyone thought he was too cute so they didn’t notice.  While the games and candy were fun, Michael found his new love…sour dill pickles.  I had a large dill pickle and gave it to Michael just to see how he would react.  Well, it is the only thing that has kept him still and quite for more than two minutes in months!  He LOVED it and was holding it so sweetly with both hands just eating away.  It was so sour that I even puckered my lips but not my little man, it was his ambrosia.  So of course when Mommy took it away, I was not his favorite person but, it was way too much for him all at once.  Lulu even offered some cotton candy but there was no consoling him.  It was fine as usual with his little fits, they end as abruptly as they begin.  All in all is was a fun night and I am so excited to see what he will be next year, he will actually have a say in what I dress him in!IMG_0461IMG_0462 IMG_0464 IMG_0463

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