Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Trimester-Thank Goodness That's Over!

Wow, first I have to say that being pregnant is truly a blessing and we are so excited about our new addition.  This issue here is that I have been sick since before I knew I was pregnant.  At first I thought I had a stomach virus, but then found out I was expecting.  Great!  Well I don’t know why I thought the sick stomach would go away, instead it just got worse.  There were days I couldn’t get out of bed.  I now realize how lucky I was when I was pregnant with Michael and had no morning sickness!  Had my first pregnancy been so rough, I don’t think we would have had another baby so soon. 

Anyway, with that said, all is well with our little one. I am feeling so much better, three whole days without feeling sick.  I now have some energy and just wish the days were longer!  Our little one looks good and has a strong heartbeat.  We will find out, if our baby cooperates, if baby is a boy or girl on our 8th wedding anniversary December 28th! 

Here are our 8 Week Sonogram pictures.  We are now fourteen weeks so these are old but precious nonetheless!

Sonogram 1(8weeks) Sonogram 5 (8weeks) Sonogram 2 (8weeks) Sonogram 4 (8weeks)

Unbelievably I am already in my maternity clothes.  I wasn’t wearing maternity this early last time but I guess things are different the second time around.  It feels like I am wearing a fanny pack (hello early 90s).  So, I am cherishing this time with Michael, knowing that in a few months he will be a sibling, a big brother.  He is so sweet and such a joy, I hope he can handle a new baby.  Actually, I hope Kaya our persian can handle another baby!  So as soon as we get more pictures of our little love, I will post away!

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