Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zoo Days

     IMG_0165Well, it has been SO very long now since I have updated the blog.  I just haven’t found time to sit in front of the computer for a while.  BUT, no worries, we have a lot to catch up on so stay tuned!   IMG_0192IMG_0160IMG_0155

One of my favorite things to do is go to the zoo.  I even convince Derin to take me for my birthday sometimes.  So, the minute school got out, I told Derin we have to get Michael to the zoo!  Well, first we went shopping for some new toys and then off to see the animals.IMG_0141 IMG_0143IMG_0172  First of all, living in Texas all of my life should have prepared me for how hot it was going to be in June!  Nevertheless, we went anyway.  Michael was a trooper the whole time but he didn’t want to be in his stroller so we took turns carrying him  around.  He liked the birds and the Africa Live exhibit where the hippos were swimming around.  It was in the AC so that was our favorite part too!  Of course the moment we walk inside and Michael realized how quiet it was, he had to start squealing.  Thank goodness people think it is adorable.  IMG_0170IMG_0177 IMG_0175IMG_0176 IMG_0169


The rest of the day was kind of a wash because the animals knew it was too hot to stand outside so most of them were hiding somewhere in the shade.  So now I know, next time I want to go to the zoo, it will be in March!  That’s okay, I can’t wait to take Michael again, everything is so much more fun when you experience it through his eyes. 

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