Sunday, August 8, 2010

Michael’s Lovey

IMG_0281Okay, so I knew that Michael would eventually become attached to one of his toys or blankets and carry it with him everywhere.  What I did not plan on was him falling in love with his little blue cement truck.  Actually, it is a block of wood that is shaped like and painted like a cement truck.  Michael adores this truck and gets pretty frustrated when it is taken away.  He crawls with it, walks with it, sleeps with it, tries to bathe with it, and holds it while he eats.  I can occasionally grab it if he is preoccupied with the bath water or food but other than that, he is attached.  I take it out of his crib so that he doesn’t roll over on it at night.  It is so crazy that he loves his truck!  So thank you to Michael’s sweet teachers in Infant I, it was the best Christmas present ever! All the toys, all the sweet little snuggly things I bought him and he wants this truck.  Oh how I love my little man.  I guess boys will be boys! IMG_0286IMG_0282

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  1. I'm not surprised he loves the truck. Q loved his trucks too. Maybe we'll have to start a collection for him to play with.