Friday, July 12, 2013

Michael Is 4!!

Well, it is safe to say that Michael's 4th birthday was a fun filled day with swimming, a picnic and a "Cars" themed birthday party!  I had to stop and look around in disbelief that he is actually four years old.  I say this repeatedly but I cannot believe how quickly time flies and I wish that just once it would slow down for just a minute.

We set up a refreshments stand, a movie screen and caution cones for Michael's big drive in movie party.  It was beautiful outside so we spent the whole night out in the yard.  Of course his party wouldn't be complete without Chik fil A nuggets to enjoy!  Michael LOVES the color green so he loves Chik Hicks from the first Cars movie.  Krystal made a fabulous green Chik cake for Michael and he would not stop talking about it.  It is safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed it!


After dinner and cake, the kids sat down (for just a second) so that they could watch Cars on the outdoor screen.  But, bubbles and running in the yard was too much fun to pass up for Michael and his friends.  It was a great day and my sweet 4 year old went to sleep a little bigger and very tired.

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