Friday, April 12, 2013

Six Months Old

No doubt about it, Austin, you are getting bigger by the day and changing by the second.  I cannot believe that you, my sweet little love have already celebrated your half birthday and are zooming to your first! What have you been up to my sweet baby boy?
  • You are a great sleeper! I cannot thank you enough for being content in your crib and falling asleep without mommy having to go in the room and soothe you over and over.  You are happy to lay down, suck on your fingers and fall right to sleep.  What's better than that? Oh, you sleep all night!  Thank you sweet boy, thank you!
  • You have had your first taste of antibiotic and you didn't love it.  I was worried something was wrong when you started coughing and running fever and low and behold, you had two ear infections.  So you have now survived antibiotics and I'll be honest, you weren't a fan.
  • You roll everywhere and I mean everywhere! 
  • You grab things and try to eat them.  Yep, I can't hold anything in my arms but you because you will immediately try to take whatever I have from me.
  • You're still toothless and I have to say that I love it and cherish your gummy smile.
  • You babble and blow raspberries.  The best part about this? You seem to crack yourself up.  I love to watch you make yourself laugh. 

Well my love, you have grown so much in the past month that it aches my heart just a little.  I am unbelievably blessed that God gave you to me and your brother and sister are so in love with you. Michael cannot get enough of you and absolutely loves to be wherever you are! You are a lucky little man and you don't even know it!

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