Sunday, February 3, 2013

Five Months Old

Well, my littlest love is five months old.  It is truly astonishing how quickly the minutes fly by.  I am daily reminded of love when I look at all three of my little ones.  Austin, you have grown up so quickly and have quite the cute personality.  There is no denying how you light up and react to Michael and Ava, I can already tell that you love them as much as they love you.  You are quite the large baby but that makes me happy!  Here are the amazing things you are doing:
  • You have discovered your hands and feet.  You love to hold your feet and play with your toes.
  • You suck on your fingers like you are making the hand sign for the Texas Longhorns.  Silly boy!
  • You now realize that you and I aren't connected.
  • You sleep in your own big boy crib now. 
  •  Most nights you sleep all night but every once in a while you wake me up four or five times a night to eat.  I know that you are just growing and I'm not complaining because one day, I will miss those middle of the night moments with you.
  • You roll over!  It is too cute to watch.  You were so proud of yourself the first time and Michael was just as excited!  He gave you his green Wilson to play with as a reward, and
  • trust me love, that was a HUGE deal!
  • You rarely cry and I mean rarely.  I am so amazed at how content and happy you are.  I can only assume it is because you are constantly entertained by Michael and Ava.

So it has been a month of firsts for you and there are more to come.  I will be there for everyone of them, camera in hand. (Get used to it sweetness) :)

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