Friday, April 12, 2013

Seven Months Old

Well dear love, it is hard to admit that in less than five months you will be celebrating your first birthday.  I don't even want to think about it or believe it! Where has the time gone sweet love? I am amazed and how much you change every day and just how much you've grown.  I can remember the first time that our eyes met, it was like you were telling me "Hello Mommy". Now, I'm lucky if I can get you to sit still long enough to eat! So here are the things that you have been up to this past month:
  • You sit up and you love it!  It is a whole new world for you now with your new view! Of course Michael and Ava's hugs and kisses knock you over every time but they are learning how to be more gentle. It's just they love you so much, it's hard not to squeeze you!
  • You are trying to crawl but aren't quite there yet.  Instead you get up on your knees, scoot and then lay back down. Your little knees get so red but you are happy to keep trying!
  • You love oatmeal! The chunkier the better.  None of that first foods strained stuff.  It is pretty weird since you have yet to sprout a tooth but you want to chew everything.  Your doctor says you will be ready for table food much sooner than your brother or sister were.  You do seem jealous when we sit at the dinner table and eat in front of you. You desperately want what we have.  Soon, my love, soon.
  • You are so ticklish! It almost seems painful when you get tickled.  I don't want to torture you, but your laugh is too precious not to hear!
  • You are beyond patient. I wonder if this will be part of your personality as you get older.  You are content to wait your turn and you seldom cry.  It's like you know that Michael and Ava need something so you'll gladly wait your turn.  I am so grateful for this character trait but I want you to know, it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes.  You are after all, my sweet baby.
  • You love to sit on the floor while Michael and Ava dance around you.  It seems that their new hobby is to figure out what will make you laugh.  There is this amazing bond between the three of you.  The way that you light up for them and just coo when they talk to you is something you save only for them.  I know what it is like to have a brother, so it's such a joy to see what my parents experienced when Matt and I were little.
  • I still believe your eyes will be blue.  They just seem to stay that pretty slate color so we will see.  By this time, Michael's eyes had already turned brown and Ava's had turned light blue.  Time will tell, my love.  I won't hold my breath just yet because everything about you has been a surprise so we will see.

I cannot get enough snuggles and kisses from you.  I would be happy for the rest of my life if you stayed seven months old, but I know that you must grow and I must come to terms with it. So for now, I will live in each moment and enjoy every single second that I have with you at this age.

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