Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sprinkled with Love

I am finally writing this post, my baby boy is lying next to me on the bed so needless to say, it is a little late.  None the less, I am so excited to share memories from my "sprinkling".  When we moved in January I was worried about how I would meet people and where our church home would be.  After visiting for what seemed like forever, we found our home.  Our new church is full of people that love God and truly want to serve.  I helped in July with Vacation Bible School and it was so much fun.  The kids loved it and constantly sing with the CD everytime we get in the car.  I worked with Tracy and the first graders and had a blast with our class.  The women I got to know were so sweet and welcoming with a heart to help children understand God's love. 
About a week after Bible school had ended, Tracy called and said that she and some of the women decided I couldn't have a baby without a baby shower and since I had a lot of things because of my other two children, we could call this one a "Sprinkle".  So, Tracy, Jennifer and Michelle threw together the sweetest and yummiest sprinkle shower.  Everything was so perfect.  I am very grateful for the place that God has moved us and cannot wait to get to know my new friends even better.  This
is definitely a new season in my life and I am blessed to have these women along side me.

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  1. How sweet!! Looks like an awesome group of ladies!! Hope you are doing well.