Monday, March 14, 2011

The Nursery

BeddingI am so excited about decorating for a little girl!  I am not super girly and my taste may be a bit adult but I LOVE her nursery scheme.  In fact when I first found out I was pregnant I went searching for girl room ideas.  Of course I didn’t know I was having a girl but I was hoping!  This is the first bedding that I found and fell in love with.  After months of looking at other things Derin and I agree this is perfect for our little girl.  I can’t wait to have it and get to work in her room.  The fun part is I get to do two rooms.  Now Michael needs a big boy room so here we go, the next three weeks will be full!

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  1. Hey Bethanie! This is Kelly (Lonsford) McCreery from high school. I've stumbled across your blog and read it from time to time. Little Michael is too cute and congrats on your soon to be baby girl! I have a boy and a girl also and I love it! My sister, Lacy, is having her second the first week of May. Babies are fun!

    I just wanted to say that I love this picture! I can't wait to see your little girl's room when it's all finished!!

    Hope you are doing well... you look great for 8 months pregnant!