Monday, March 14, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yes I am finally writing about our Christmas that of course happened in December and here it is March.  Sadly, Spring Break seems to be the only time I have time to load pictures and post things.  So here it all is, three months of our lives and Michael has changed SO much.IMG_6041IMG_6044 IMG_6054 IMG_6089 IMG_6082

We got to go home and see our families for Christmas this year which was so very nice.  Lots of yummy food at Nana and PawPaw’s house where we shared the news that we are expecting a baby girl!  Then off to the festival of lights where Michael began to express his independence and wanted to walk everywhere.  The next day was fun at Mamalu’s house opening presents and of course, eating again.IMG_6194 IMG_6209

IMG_6179 IMG_6189IMG_6196 IMG_6191

We did have to go home after only two days but it was so much fun packed into two days that we were all exhausted.  Michael got so many cute clothes and toys and was a hit at the Fields family Christmas party where he walked around shaking everyone’s hands.  Future politician?  Maybe but he definitely likes to be the center of attention no matter where he goes!

IMG_6069 IMG_6103 IMG_6207 IMG_6101 IMG_6116

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