Tuesday, March 15, 2011


IMG_6513Okay, so Michael’s new obsession is buses for some reason.  He LOVES buses so, so much and looks for them everywhere we go.  It seems to be his one goal in life to find a bus and scream bus at the top of his lungs!  He says yellow in the cutest little voice and then if the bus happens to turn or we pass it, he cries until we find another one.  IMG_6512IMG_6516IMG_6515IMG_6517IMG_6514

His most exciting moment yet was when Derin and I took him to the park and a bus full of softball players pulled up.  He went running off towards the bus, while Derin was chasing him.  The bus driver was sweet enough to let us on for a second but Michael really just wanted to run around the bus and scream BUS as loud as he could.  Luckily everyone around just thought it was precious.

We bought him the cutest bus and then Nana and PawPaw found him another one that he can take with him in the car, you can tell my dad picked it out because it is a bus with off road capabilities.  Look at those tires!  When PawPaw gave it to him, he had to go to sleep with it, so very cute. They also found him the “Wheels on the Bus” book that we can sing the song to as we follow the bus through town.  I love that Michael loves buses and can’t wait for his next little obsession.

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