Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day at the Park

IMG_4585This blog, of course is long overdue.  One Saturday Michael, Nana, PawPaw and I went to see Derin at the park.  It was a fun day!  A day full of food, sun, bugs and snakes.  As I noticed the caterpillars and little creepy crawlies, I saw a glimpse into my future.  I know one day as I do the laundry and empty Michael’s pockets I will find many such creatures.  IMG_4611

We first went to Central Market BBQ and picked up some super yummy food and then headed out to see Derin.  It was such a fun day.  First we had a picnic out by the lake where Michael had his first taste of pickles, sausage, brisket and pork ribs. IMG_4592IMG_4591IMG_4594I really think he liked it.  After we ate, we hopped on a golf cart and Derin showed us the new trails and different sights around the park.  It was such a beautiful day!  IMG_4612IMG_4616IMG_4624IMG_4629IMG_4639 IMG_4635IMG_4647The snake guy was there showing the kids at  the park all of his reptiles and spiders.  Luckily, the spiders were all put away when we got there.  I am NOT a fan of those, but he got out some of his snakes for us to look at.  Of course I was the only one who wanted to see the snakes.  Either way, it was a GREAT day and Michael really enjoyed being outside and hanging out with family at Daddy’s park! IMG_4656IMG_4658IMG_4655IMG_4654 IMG_4653IMG_4649

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  1. Oh, Boogie! You must know a lot more about snakes than I do. Michael is so lucky to have you his Nana, Pawpa and Derin for the park trip. Love the great pics and all of you. MiMi